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  • Mike with "pips" at 50.08lb
  • Olly with a 36lb mirror
  • Olly with an 18lb mirror
  • we lost Kurt in the grass......
  • we found him stood right next to me
  • Zig master moyles with a 25lb mirror
  • Olly with a 19.04lb mirror
  • Kurtrude with a 24lb common
  • the birds clearly love my set-up
  • Kurt with a 38.08lb Mirror
  • everyone loves a shot of barty posing
  • Barty with a 29lb common
  • The BBQ was a little to high for Kurt
  • Barty with the grey plated at 36lb
  • Mike with an 18.08lb mirror
  • Fish care is essential to keep our fish in top condition
  • We will help and guide you to get that perfect picture

Mike with "pips" at 50.08lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/06/2013

Water Temp – 18 degrees

Sunny during days with heavy showers on a couple of nights

Light NW winds

Pressure 1015 average

Clarity around 12 feet

Mozi’s – Relentless

With a full group cancelling last minute we had 2 lucky guys Matt and Olly with the lake to themselves, well almost… with it being so quiet myself, Barty and our personal Chef Kurt who’s here training us in the kitchen had to get the rods out.

With the fish showing and coming out in the corners we advised the lads to follow suit. They wanted to fish together so they decided on Big Girls and neighboring swim Oblivion. Kurt quickly snapped up the tree line, Barty took Alcatraz, which left me with the stock pond.

Barty who generally thinks he is the master zigger was off the mark early on Saturday evening fishing 3 zigs between 80-100yds with his favorite brown foam he landed a lovely long 25lb mirror. Sunday morning and Barty was waking me up to do some photos of another fish (truthfully I just wanted to push him) a 29lb common this time, again on the zig.  Sunday night and golden balls was in again the girly screams of help were shouted so I went running to his aid to net a fish on a 21ft zig, of course I tried to bump it off with the net but accidently slid the net under her! A cracking fish known as “the grey plated” was hoisted up by des and troy for the pics! Monday morning and another common graced his landing net this time in the shape of a 25lb common.

Barty had noticed a few fish showing in the area and swallows skimming the surface this clearly indicated there was a hatch on, if you can find signs like this zigs become in a league of their own and can lead to devastating results.

Kurtrude was also onto fish from early doors landing a cracking 24lb common from the tree line Sunday morning fishing quarter of the way up the tree line at 13RL, Tuesday morning he had a 38.08lb mirror from the same spot.

Kurt baited with 5kg of hybrid along the tree line and used Baitworks scent from hell white pop-ups on a combi-rig.

Kurt is over here for 2weeks turning our kitchen into a masterchef kitchen… so all anglers booked on with the food package you will be in for a treat!! The tumble dryer has been on overtime since his arrival, as when he walks in the grass his bum gets wet… 

Olly who started the week fishing in big girls was soon on the move when it became clear that the fish hadn’t been getting down there as much as previous weeks, Kurt very kindly offered to move out of the tree line, so Olly snapped up the chance to get in there. First morning in he had his first bite resulting in a 19.04lb mirror, Wednesday night just after dinner he had a cracking 36lb mirror and on Friday morning he landed another stunning mirror of 18lb. Olly had spread his rods out along the tree line baiting up the area from rod to rod to keep the fish moving and searching out baits.

On Thursday night I received my first take fishing 24 ½ RL into kingfisher corner from the stock pond swim after a slow plodding fight I slipped the net under a good fish, she spun the scales round to 50.08lb and was known as “Pips”. Saturday morning I had a melting take from my right hand rod fished 16RL along the no fishing bank after a scrappy battle wiping out my banker middle rod a beautiful scaly mirror was in the net, at 18.08lb this is definitely one for the future.

I baited with 10kg of Hybrid throwing it by hand from the no fishing bank around the whole area as far as I could left, right, close in trying to keep fish in the area I firmly believe that once a fish has picked up a bait moved a little picked up another one that by the third bait even if they weren’t looking to feed you will have them hunting the area for any food items, at this point you have caught them… it will only be a matter of time!

Unfortunatlely it was not to be for Matt who fished incredibly well with zigs he managed to get a couple of bites on 18-20ft zigs and got one of the fish agonizingly close to the net, unfortunately the lead did not eject on the take this is undoubtedly the reason why the fish were lost. I strongly recommend not using a tail rubber on a lead clip set-up for zigs clip your lead on and secure it in place using pva tape this will keep the lead on when casting and when reeling in but when playing a fish the lead will eject every time.

Be lucky,