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  • Dave with a 45.12lb mirror
  • Andy with a 39lb mirror
  • Lasse with a 20lb mirror
  • the only place a lucky hat should be at night
  • Andy with a 34lb mirror
  • And with a 42lb mirror
  • Dave enjoying a cold beer in the sun
  • Timo with a 37lb mirror
  • Russ with a 25lb mirror
  • Timo with a 30lb common
  • Kurt had a bit of difficulty whilst shopping...
  • ... so i decided to carry the shopping
  • Timo with a 24lb mirror
  • Lasse with a 36lb mirror
  • Lasse with a 24lb mirror
  • The Gang + lucky hats
  • It clearly wasn't as easy as kurt thought it would be

Dave with a 45.12lb mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/07/2013

Water Temperature - 21 degrees 

Sunny and clear

wind - a light NW breeze 

Pressure - 1020

Clarity - minimum 15ft

Mozis - not so bad during the day, but they make up for it in the evening... there still hungry!!!

This time we knew what the colorful things were on the far side of the lake………….. The towels were back!

2 guys Lasse and Timo made the long 13hr drive from Germany, Lasse decided on the recently in form Scotties Corner fishing with 2 rods towards the opening of Co’s Point and his other rod to the trees on the right hand side, he baited accurately with around 2kg of Hybrid to start and trickled in a further kg a day. Sunday evening and his first fish was in the net a cracking scaly mirror of 32lb from the rod in the opening of the corner. Monday at around the same time after a lot of fizzing and a few liners he had his second take from the same spot this time resulting in a 36lb mirror, the action soon slowed up, with no signs of fish visiting his area he decided to only fish the nights allowing the fish to feel confident if they came through the corner during the day, this seemed to have worked as on the last couple of nights he landed a further 3 fish a 20lb mirror, 24lb mirror and a lovely 28lb common.

Timo chose the tree line, his left hand rod was fished into the corner to the right, his middle rod was towards the fallen tree and his right just past it, he baited in the same way as Lasse with a couple of kg to start and then slowly introduced more as the week went on. Tuesday night his first fish was in the net a lovely 30lb common coming from the middle rod, Wednesday morning and the same rod was in action this time resulting in a 37lb mirror. Thursday night the left hand rod was off and another mirror of 24lb was in the net.

Russ started the week in Big Girls and on the first night landed a 25lb mirror from the euro tree line in a bit of panic his mates Mike and Martin came to help him with the photos, Russ was a bit confused when they were telling him to take his trousers off but found himself walking round in his boxers!!!! With trousers back on the pics were taken! As the week went on less fish were seen in the swim so he decided on a move to Big Southerly unfortunately no more fish were caught!

Mike and Dave chose to fish in Stock pond and Pole Position Mike fished 2 rods into kingfisher corner at around 24 rod lengths and his right hand rod half way down the stock pond margin after the first few days he had lost a couple of fish, but on hearing of my lucky hat story on Wednesday he returned from the shops wearing a lucky hat!!! Wednesday night he landed his first fish, a mirror weighing 35.08lb coincidence or lucky hat???  Thursday night and he was in again this time landing a 36lb mirror.

Dave had found a few clear spots at around 40-50yards range and fished all 3 rods within the area, Dave fished incredibly well all week playing around with zigs and bottom rigs and on Saturday morning before packing up was rewarded with a 45.12lb mirror for his efforts.

The Star of the week was Andy fishing in the Stink who on Sunday night had his first fish of 42lbs, which absolutely smashed his previous PB which was 13lbs!!!!!  Andy was fishing a very clear area at a comfortable distance of 50yards he wasn’t going mad with bait he used around 10kg of hybrid throughout the week and just had a light scattering over 3 rods slowly topping up through the week. His rigs were simple blow-back rigs with a hybrid bait tipped with pink corn, he caught a 39lb mirror on Tuesday night and on Thursday it all kicked of when he landed a 27lb common, 44lb mirror, 34lb mirror and a 23lb mirror all in the space of 3 hours. He also caught mirrors of 45lb and 30.08lb towards the end of the week.

Be Lucky,


Angler Comments

Lasse & Timo - thank you very much for the perfect week, everything was excellent. we will come back next year to catch the big one!!!

Mike - Fab week, well looked after. we kept losing Kurt! and thanks for the advice with the hat mike!

Russ - thanks very much, had a great week!