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  • Roy & Mike Kane in a cracking father & son brace
  • Dirk with "shoulders" 45.08lb, Alcatraz July 2013
  • Barty with zig caught 27.04lb mirror "Get on the N-Gauge"
  • Dan "long fish" 41.12lb The Stink July 2013
  • Brad with "the nude fish" 42.11lb stock pond July 2013
  • Roy with a 23.04lb mirror
  • Brad with a 23lb mirror
  • Mike with "digits" 36lb, Alamo July 2013
  • Dan with a 31.03lb mirror
  • Mike with "rene's linear" 42.10lb, Alamo July 2013
  • Dan "baby single scale" 35.02lb The Stink July 2013
  • Danny with a 24lb mirror
  • Dirk with a 37.08lb common
  • Mike with "Alcatraz" 37.08lb, Alamo July 2013
  • Mike with "the punisher" 36.10lb, Alamo July 2013
  • Dan with a 36.12lb mirror
  • Roy with a 25lb mirror
  • Mike with a 40.08lb mirror
  • Dan with a 36.06lb mirror
  • Mike with "the rudder" 36lb, Alamo July 2013
  • Mike with a 23lb common
  • Brad with a 19.08lb mirror
  • Dirk with a 20.12lb common
  • Roy with a 26lb mirror
  • The Gang
  • Roy with "spotty leather" 44.02lb, Big Girls July 2013
  • Russ with "broady's mirror" 30.10lb, The Tree Line July 2013
  • Russ with "the richmond fish" 30.02lb, the tree line July 2013
  • Russ with "the survivor" 41.12lb, the tree line July 2013
  • Russ with "baby black eye" 41.02lb, the tree line, July 2013

Roy & Mike Kane in a cracking father & son brace


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/07/2013

Water Temperature – 24.5 degrees

Blistering Sunshine

Wind - calm northeasterly swinging around to a south westerly towards the end of the week

Pressure - 1021

Clarity - 15ft

Mozi’s – fine through the day but they come out in force at around 10pm (my legs & arms are proof)

Fish fish fish… the week started with a bang as Sunday morning produced a very impressive 13 fish, we had the first call at around 6am from Mike & Roy doubled up in The Alamo saying that Mike had caught a 26lb mirror and Roy had caught a 25lb mirror through the night and now Mike has a 40+ fish in the net. On arrival we found Roy (Mikes old man) doing battle with an angry carp and what a sight it was with Mike wrapped up in a towel eagerly waiting with the net and Roy in nothing but a pair of fat face boxers… he clearly thought he was on a modeling photo-shoot!!!

With the fish weighed and the individual photos taken it was the perfect time to pull the unhooking mats together for that special father & son photo, Mikes weighing in at 40.08lb and Roy’s a 26lb Mirror.

Just as the last fish was being returned to its watery home Roy’s right hand rod pulled up tight and then slowly ticked away, after a swift battle the fish was safely in the net, a stunning Mirror of 23.04lb was hoisted for the photos.

Leaving The Alamo I received the second call this time from Dan Guirey in The Stink, on arrival we found Dan with a fish in the net, a stunning carp called “Baby Single Scale” at a spawned out weight of 35.02lb

Next stop was Danny in Co’s Point who had a 28.04lb common during the night, Danny found a clear area at around 80yards range and baited with hybrid, he also landed a 24lb mirror on Tuesday night before moving his amazing Mozi free campsite (a gazebo with a mozi net hanging around it and a bivvy underneath) to Oblivion, as he had seen a lot of fish showing around this area unfortunately no more fish were landed.

Driving out of Co’s the “blower” was off again this time Russ fishing The Tree Line to let me know he had just landed a 40lb+ so could we come round and do the honour’s. A fish known as “the survivor” spun the needle round to 41.12lb.

Dirk in Alcatraz… I forgot to say, we had another Towel (German) here this week!! Had heard us coming round so was waiting to flag us down with a 37.08lb common in the net after doing the pics dirk told us that it was his 4th fish of the night he also landed mirrors of 21lb, 24lb and 28lb! What a hectic night!

Back in the lodge and breakfast made and delivered to the lad’s in the knick of time, the phone was on the go again! Back to the stink to see Dan who had another carp in the net, this time a mirror weighing in at 31.03lb.

Dan carried on his strong start catching a 22lb common early doors on Monday and at first light he landed a stunning scaly mirror weighing 36.12lb. Tuesday morning he had a fish called “the long fish” at 41.12lb he also landed a 36.06lb mirror and a 28.02lb common. Dan caught all of his fish between 30 and 50 yards range it is super clear and you can feel the lead down with a nice solid drop a wide spread of around 20kg of hybrid was introduced steadily throughout the week, his rigs were IQ-D rigs with the irresistible Banoffee wafter hookbait.

Russ made the most of the fish being in the tree line by landing a further 3 fish during the week a 30.10lb mirror, 30.02lb mirror and “Baby Black Eye” at 41.02lb. Russ was fishing with 3 rods up against the tree line and spread 15kg of hybrid throughout the week across all rods.

Our sun bed stealing German (Dirk) in the Alcatraz also landed 2 more fish during the week a 20.12lb common and the very impressive shoulders at 45.08lb, he found a lovely clear area in amongst a weed bed at 80 yards range in line with the right hand side of Co.’s Point. Dirk baited with 5kg of hybrid at the start of the week and then slowly introduced a further 10kg during the week, dirk used the Hybrid wafters and Banoffee wafters as hook baits.

With the action slowing down on the right hand side of the Alamo, Roy had been keeping a close eye on the Big Girls swim seeing a lot of fish in the swim he couldn’t resist a move, the following day with a cheeky little spot baited under the bush a rod length out to the right of the swim Roy could see a group of 4 fish circling the area and dropping down picking a few baits up, on the 3rd lap the rod melted off and after a furious locked-up battle the net was slid under (the smallest of the group) a fish known as “spotty leather” at 44.02lb, top dangling fella!

Mike carried on with his very strong start in the Alamo to land a total of 10 fish throughout the week a 23lb mirror, 36lb mirror, 36.10lb mirror, 36lb mirror “digits”, 37.08lb mirror “Alcatraz”, 20lb mirror, 15lb common and one of the ones that everyone wants to catch the amazing “Rene’s Linear” at 42.10lb!!! Mike was fishing at 60yards aiming at the lights of the toilet block and steadily introduced 10kg of Hybrid, his rig choice was between snowman rigs and single Banoffee wafters!

Brad started the week in Scotties Corner but on Monday he decided on a move to the stock pond as it was clear that the fish just weren’t visiting the corner, the move payed off and the first night he landed a 19.08lb mirror only a baby but he was off the mark and it was a stunning fish! Thursday night he landed his second a 23lb mirror and on Saturday morning he landed a fish known as “the nude fish” at 42.11lb!

Tuesday afternoon we had the earplugs ready… Yes you guessed it the bronzed Adonis (Barty, Chris Moyles, George Michael) was returning from his holiday! I know Banoffee wafters are good but I didn’t realise they were that good… they make brilliant earplugs!!!

In true Barty style, with nobody fishing zigs he was determined to catch on a zig to prove that they are still working and off course to make that head bigger, Thursday night and he had 1 on a 19ft zig out of pole position weighing in at 27.04lb!

Be lucky,

Mike, Barty & Rhys

Angler Comments

Roy Kane - Just like the Korda boys to do it propa, top week.

Russell Tattersall - 4 fish, loved the lake great staff and great company all round

Mike Kane - another cracking week of angling, thanks to all the guys at gigantica #myideaofheaven! see you next year! p.s save              the alamo for me!!

Dan Guirey - had a brilliant 2 weeks at gigantic. brilliant fishing, quality staff that made the holiday a great one. defo coming back next year if the bailifs will have me!!