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  • Tran with "Fudgy's" 68lb Co's July 2013
  • Tran with The 43 at 49lb 15oz from Co's Point in July 2013
  • Tom with a 32.04lb mirror
  • Tran with "white Lines" 41.08lb July 2013
  • Barty thinks he's still got it !!!!
  • Angus with a lovely mirror
  • Giant Spomb or flying saucer???
  • Cluster at 53lb 8oz from Co's Point in July 2013
  • Barty with a 35lb mirror
  • Mike with a scale perfect common
  • Tran wit "2-3-4" 45lb Co's July 2013
  • Nick with "cut tail common" 53lb Big Southerly July 2013
  • Barty with "patched fully" 39.12lb Stock Pond July 2013
  • I told Michael if he wants a day off , it needs to be a bigger tree !!!!!! P.s.  who wears sun glasses at midnight ????
  • The Stink felt the full force of the storm
  • Mark with a 52lb mirror
  • Dragged kicking & screaming from his laptop, Mike found new pleasures with henry's sucking & blowing!!!
  • Nick with a 47lb mirror
  • Rich with "Discus" 53.10lb Alamo July 2013
  • Baty doing the Mo-Bot
  • Dark forces at work !!!! Trans bait stolen from under his nose !!!

Tran with "Fudgy's" 68lb Co's July 2013


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/07/2013

Water temp - 25 degrees

Storm from HELL then hot and calm 

Pressure 1010

Clarity 11ft

Mozis - make me want to kill my self!!!

Barty - makes me want to kill my self!!! (his jokes get no better)

This week started with the storm from HELL… the lads had just got camp set-up when all hell broke lose, we could see the storm brewing in the distance and without warning it hit us with a vengeance the trees were doubled over and fork lightning was lighting up the skies, it only lasted for 20mins or so but it left a trial of devastation behind. Trees down all over the lake leaving the track un-drivable luckily we had Des & Troy (Barty’s really big guns)on sight…

The storm did not affect the fishing as late Saturday night came the calm after the storm and Barty managed to sneak a 22.12lb mirror out of the stock pond swim half way up the stock pond margin.

Sunday carried on its strong form of producing early bites when at around 1pm Tran received a blistering take from Co’s Point and landed his first fish of the session a 26lb Mirror.

Sunday afternoon at 3pm saw Mark in the Alamo get his name on the scoreboard when he landed a 19lb Mirror.

5pm we were serving the boys their dinner when we realized we were a man down!! Looking across the lake we could see Tran in battle once again, on arrival to his swim we found him with a 40+ fish in the net, that turned out to be “White Lines” 41.08lb.

The Stink was 1 of the main swims to be hit hard by the storm resulting in the big tree to its right to fall across the track… personally I think that Tom went on a little tree climb and well… the rest speaks for itself!!

Tom got off the mark on Monday when he landed a 32.04lb mirror fishing at around 50 yards towards the corner between Alcatraz and Baxter’s, he also landed a 28.04lb mirror from the same spot.

Mark and Rich were doubled up in the Alamo, Mark found success fishing 50yards out towards Baxter’s, he landed a further 2 fish a 27.03lb mirror and “Thick Wrist” 52lb he caught his fish using triple Hybrid Hookbaits. Rich caught “Discus” weighing in at 53.10lb fishing towards Pole Position at 50 yards range.

After Trans good start catching a few early fish he went on to empty the lake landing a total of 15 fish including a couple of the A-team from Co’s Point, looking out from Co’s you can see a big bald opening on the far margin Tran spread his rods across the bald area from left to right at 16 ¾ Rod Lengths where he found a nice firm area he went on to land an 18lb mirror, 20.08lb mirror, 21lb mirror, 23.08lb mirror, 26lb mirror, 26lb mirror, 28lb mirror, 29.04lb mirror, 29.15lb mirror,  “2-3-4” at 45lb, the “43” at 49.15lb,  an epic battle that took Barty and Tran to the boat every time they freed it from weed it just kept going head first back deeper into it, eventually the net was slid under “Cluster” at 53.08lb, and to top off the list the mighty “Fudgy’s” at a successfully spawned out weight of 68lb.

Tran baited with a mixture of Mainline Cell and Sticky’s Krill totaling around 70kg of bait for the week his bites came from a wide range of hookbaits Banoffee wafters, Cell Krill and Hybrid baits all glugged and dried in Almond Goo!

It took the fish a couple of days to get on to Nicks baited area in Big Southerly but when they moved in he managed to land 4 fish a 23lb mirror, 30.02lb mirror, a 47lb mirror and topped of with the magnificent “cut tail common” at 53lb, Nick found a lovely firm area at 21 rod lengths towards the lodge!

Angus started the week fishing in Big Girls but after the first night he decided on a move to Oblivion where he had access to more open water and could still fish into the corner of big girls if the fish moved into the area, on Tuesday he landed his first fish a 21lb mirror fishing towards the beach at 80yards range with a snowman rig tipped with a pink northern special. Thursday morning and Angus landed his second fish this time a 27lb mirror from the same spot.

Unfortunatley it was not to be for Mick & Paul unlike previous years they have visited and had good success (is Mick the nicest bloke in carp fishing???) they both fished well but unfortunately the fish just didn’t seem to get down on there bait… Hybrid next time???

Barty carried on fishing the stock pond swim in the evenings and landed a further 3 fish a 16lb common, 35lb mirror and the stunning “Patched Fully” weighing in at 39.12lb.

I also managed to sneak in a couple of nights between work and being a personal guile and photographer to Tran… and managed to land a 26.08lb common from the tree line.

Be Lucky,

Mike, Rhys & special guest bailiff Barty  

Angler Comments

Paul Boxall - brilliant week, great bunch of blokes, the crew were excellent, awsome hospitality really enjoyed the trip out and will ses you next season. Im sure Barty will still be here wearing his £38 lucky pants...

Angus - GREAT week, didnt get amongst the biguns but caught a couple of corkers! wont feel the same at home without hearing Barty's hackle across the lake!!! awsome time, see you next year!

Tran - session of a life time, thanks to everyone for a wonderful week! bring on next year.

Mick - excellent week top hosts we had good laughs, the lake is so well kept thanks to the lads out here. i will be back so hope to see you all next year