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  • Smoky with "Lippy Common" 43lb The Stink August 2013
  • Alex with a lovely mirror
  • Albi with a mint common
  • This is what you get for getting us up in the middle of the night when its raining
  • Smoky with a 37.10lb common
  • Smoky with a 34lb+ mirror
  • Smoky with a 37.08lb mirror
  • NIck with a 33lb+ mirror
  • nick with a 30lb+ mirror
  • Nick with a 32.08lb common
  • Nick with a 29lb+ mirror
  • Albi got in the way of a bucket of water!
  • Th Pope came to visit Co's point
  • Smoky is one crazy guy!
  • Smoky with "Stoneacres" 32.08lb The Stink August 2013
  • Crazy Italians

Smoky with "Lippy Common" 43lb The Stink August 2013


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/08/2013

Water Temp –  26 degrees

Weather – Hot all week with a couple of rainy spells during darkness

Water Clarity – 14ft

Pressure 1017

Mozi’s – slowly getting better I would still recommend sprays and coils

Ciao… this week we had 4 Italians Nicholas Holzer, Alberto Fusaro (Albi), Walter Fumagalli (smoky) & Osvaldo Tamborlani (ozzy) and our English friend Alex who fished the previous week on the road lake.

It didn’t take long for the first fish to be on the bank when Smoky fishing in The Stink landed a 31lb common on Saturday night. Tuesday morning and smoky was in again this time a 34.08lb mirror was landed. From Wednesday onwards the fish came in numbers with smoky landing a couple of fish every morning, he landed a further 7 fish a 37.08lb mirror, 37.10lb common, a buonissimo 43lb common, 28.08lb mirror, 32.08lb mirror, 16lb mirror and a 24.08lb mirror he landed all of his fish from 50 yards range straight out in front of the swim and scattered 10kg of hybrid throughout the week.

Nick in Co’s was also into fish from the start when he landed a 27.08lb mirror, Nick had found a nice clear area at 27.5 rl to 29rl but as we told him of a nice area at 16 ¾ rl that has been producing fish he decided to fish this as it’s a lot easier to bait up. As he was catching steadily all week there was no need to try the further distance. Nick caught a further 11 fish 22.04lb common, 29.15lb mirror, 20lb mirror, 31lb mirror, 24lb mirror, 32.08lb common, 20lb common, 33.08lb mirror, 27lb mirror, 29.04lb mirror and a 30lb mirror

Nick introduced around 40kg of Frank Warwicks Maple Cream Nut boilies and caught using a snowman presentation with a white pop up tipping the boilie.

Albi started the week fishing in Oblivion but after no success and with fish showing further up the bank in the Alamo he decided to move on Thursday, the moved payed off the following morning when he landed a 24lb common Saturday morning whilst packing up he landed his second fish a 17.04lb common.

Unfortunately it was not to be for Ozzy this week who was fishing in the stock pond he fished very well and was trying with bottom baits in to kingfisher corner and trying with zigs into open water, unfortunately they did not visit the corner.

Alex who had stayed on from the previous week fishing the road lake chose to fish in Alcatraz he found a nice clear area fishing towards big southerly at 80 yards and introduced 20kg of hybrid throughout the week, it was a tough week for Alex but he kept his spirits high and on his last morning (Friday) he landed a 20.06lb mirror he was well chuffed all his hard work had payed off, just before he was about to head home he was about to pick up his last rod to reel in when it sprung into life and the alarm went into melt down a lovely 26lb mirror was the culprit.

Grazie for a great week full of laughs.

Be lucky,

Mike, Barty & Rhys

Angler Comments

Nick- third time out here and i absolutley loved it, very nice people good staff. stunning lake and very good fishing. i will defiantly come back to bag one of the a-team!!!

Smoky - settimana fantastica passata in compagnia di persone speciali... tutto bellissimo! di fisso!