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  • Jay with Split Pec at 55lb from Co's Point in August 2013
  • Steve with Spotty Leather 45.08lb Alcatraz August 2013
  • Steve with Patched Fully at 40lb from Alcatraz in August 2013
  • Smiffy with a 36.08lb mirror
  • I didn't realise the guy off the Southern Comfort advert was an angler!!
  • Steve with Pips at 51lb 12oz from Alcatraz in August 2013

Jay with Split Pec at 55lb from Co's Point in August 2013


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/08/2013

Water Temp – 24 degrees

Water Clarity – 16ft

Pressure – 1012

Mozi’s – Nearly gone

Martin had a dream… Jay had a vision!

Let me tell you a story of how Split Pec came to visit the bank, Jay woke up one morning and had a vision of a very large carp swimming through his head that told him to reel in clean the line and cast it back out to the same spot. 5mins after doing this procedure the rod ripped of and Split Pec was in the net at 55lb! (of course we all thought he was crazy)

Along with this fine capture Jay backed up his catch from Co’s Point with a 28lb mirror and a 38lb mirror, he caught his fish from 16 ¾ rod lengths towards the left hand side of the bald spot on the horizon.

Stevo in Alcatraz had a busy week from the start he found a clear area at 20 rod lengths towards the corner in between Big southerly and the Stink he baited with Nash scopex squid liver and caught 8 fish including mirrors of 45.08lb, 40lb and a common of 42lb topped of with “Pips” at 51.12lb.

Broady chose the Stink and found a nice clear area at 33-35 rod lengths straight out in front of the swim as with fishing at range its impossible to bait up with a throwing stick so Broady chose to hire 1 of our boats for the week so he could bait up accurately to his mark! He introduced Nash Scopex Squid and caught 8 fish during the week including mirrors of 40.08lb, 45.08lb, 48.12lb and a 44lb common.

Andy chose to fish Big Southerly for the second year in a row last year the swim won the battle and unfortunately he didn’t catch, but this year Andy came out on top fishing the clear area at 21 rod lengths towards the lodge Andy caught 2 fish a 28lb mirror and a 28.04lb common unfortunately not a bigun by this lakes standards but he still went home a happy man!

Dan caught a couple of fish out of the Alamo including a 35lb mirror before he got a bit lonely and decided to move round and fish the stock pond swim next to barty… rumor has it that they were seen cuddling in the night!! Unfortunately he didn’t manage to catch from the stock pond!

Smiffy decided on the tree line and with fishing next to snags where you have to be on the rod quick if it goes he decided to sleep under the stars with the weather nice and the mozi’s in decline it proved to be a comfortable week to do so, apart from Monday evening when the heavens opened for an hour and returning to his swim found a very wet bedchair!! Smiffy caught 2 fish including a 36.08lb mirror before moving round to Scotties corner for a couple of nights and then ending up in big girls for the last night.

Be lucky,

Mike & Barty