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  • Gracie with Fudgy's at 72lb from The Stink in August 2013
  • Pedro with Cut Tail common 53lb Alcatraz August 2013

Gracie with Fudgy's at 72lb from The Stink in August 2013


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/08/2013

Fish Fish Fish an incredible 48 fish landed this week by the lads from deepest darkest essex and the 1 random northerner that they picked up on route!

The guys were in full stride and by Tuesday everyone had caught a fish so the pressure was off, the fish kept coming in numbers, top rod for the week was Pedro fishing in Alcatraz, he fished to a lovely clear area at 20RL he landed a total of 14 fish including “cut tail common” at 53lb and the “clown” at 45.04lb.

The beach hadn’t been fished for a few weeks and with fish crashing out and clearly in the area in numbers Painter was in for a cracking week he found a clear area at 20RL towards Oblivion and fished all 3 rods close together over a large scattering of Hybrid he landed 5 fish in the week 4 30’s to 37.12lb and “brutus” at 50.04lb… I thought a heart attack was on the cards when the scales went into the 50’s bracket!!!

Paul “rat boy” Ratford fished in the tree line he chose to fish 2 rods on the tree line and 1 into open water, he landed 4 fish in the week upto 35lb the fish came from the rods quarter of the way up the tree line and in the close left hand rod, he also managed a take from open water but unfortunately the fish was lost.

Jon “Potato Head” Rumsey fished Co’s point he fished to an area at 16 ¾ RL this spot has produced a lot of fish this month and Mr Potato Head managed to land 4 fish upto 34.04lb a fish known as the Devil for its devilish fights and smashing people up in the margins!

Drew chose Big Southerly and fished at 21RL with all rods at this range he chipped into this years biggest HAUL with 4 fish including 3 mirrors at 34lb+

Gracie fishing in the Stink was on the edge on Tuesday morning when he hadn’t caught, we even thought about going to the swim to remove all sharp objects… however Tuesday afternoon a cheer was heard from the stink & we were called over for a lump, looking into the net it could of only be one fish the very distinctive super wide back could only belong to “fudgys” she swung the scales round to 72lb clearly showing the weight is going back on fast after a very successful spawn when she dropped nearly 10lbs!!! She will be massive at the end of the year!

Gracie went on to land 4 more fish and another monster in the shape of “Roberts fish” at 58lb he picked his fish up 90yards range towards the beach.

“H” fishing in the Alamo was in for a busy week, he was fishing at 120yards range towards the stock pond as with long range fishing he chose to hire a boat to bait up with, he landed a total of 7 fish upto 39lb+

Gary was fishing in Oblivion with not a lot of fish showing in this area it turned out to be a hard week, with good angling and a lot of will power and determination he did manage a lovely 37.04lb mirror, before moving round to baxters for the last couple of nights, no more were caught after the move.

The Grumpy Northerner Andy was fishing in Pole Position he managed to land 2 30’s upto 33.12lb fishing at around 100 yards towards the stink, by Friday he had enough of Bartys rubbish jokes and decided to try and drown him! If anybody wants to throw him in PLEASE feel free to do so, but just check his phones not in his pocket!!!

Be Lucky,

Mike & Barty