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  • Gordon with a 38lb mirror
  • Dan with Baby Weld at 33lb
  • Helllllloooooo Dave!
  • Welcome to Gigantica
  • Dan with a beautiful 23.12lb mirror
  • Get your SCOUSE out!
  • A beautiful sunset from Oblivion

Gordon with a 38lb mirror


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/08/2013

Water Temp – 24 degrees

Air Pressure – average 1020

Weather - started of with a bit of cloud cover but by Monday it became very clear with scorching hot days and crystal clear nights, not a lot of wind but a slight northerly breeze.

Mozi’s – evenings will see a few but numbers are still dropping, mozi coils are still being used at night.

With the Korda boys departing into a lot of rumored traffic due to faulty trains at the tunnel our big chief Dan F decided to stay for a couple of extra nights… Royalty don’t like traffic jams!!!

Dan pulled out last pick in the draw and still managed to get into the very productive Stink, with a quick phone call to Jonny Mann our Nutty professor booking agent who fished it the week before to double check the spots Dan was soon on the money and in the 2 nights that he fished he managed 3 fish to 33lb a stunning fish known as “baby weld”

The rest of the lake was fishing really slow this could be down to a number of reasons with all 13 swims fished the week previous it seemed like the fish were pushed out into the middle also a lot of bait went in which meant there was a lot of free food to be had away from angling pressure.

Eventually Gordon and his lovely wife Michaela who had bivvy city set up in Alcatraz including the kitchen sink got of the mark fishing at 20RL towards big southerly landing a 38lb mirror good angling sir, Gordon was baiting up with a couple of kg of Mainline Cell on a daily basis using one of our boats.

All blokes are Dave and all women are Mary according to the scouse duo of Dave & Dave (Tom & Tony) they started in the Alamo & Oblivion but with no signs of fish Dave moved into the Stink from Oblivion. With both guys fishing well and on the spots that have been producing a lot of bites the fish just didn’t slip up and unfortunately no fish were caught.

Kevin in Co’s started fishing the week at the 16 ¾ RL mark that again has been doing a lot of bites but after the first couple of nights decided to fish the longer spot of 28RL but again even with very accurate casting and neat little rigs no fish were had by Kevin.

Next up we had Cliff and his daughter Tasha fishing in Pole Position, Cliff is fairly new to fishing so a bit of coaching was in order his rigs were ok but needed a bit of tweaking and we helped him add yards on his cast going from maxed out at 18RL to comfortably fishing at 24 ¾ RL, again no fish were caught even when fishing on a spot that has a proven track record but that’s fishing for you, its not always easy but when you do catch one here it will be one of the prettiest scaly looking carp you will ever see or an absolute whale!!! Cliff & Tasha did however make the most out of the burco drinking somewhere along the lines of 150 cups of tea between them!!!!!

Be Lucky,

Mike  & Barty