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  • Tom with the Target 61.13lb Alcatraz September 2013
  • Bullet with a stunning 26.10lb mirror
  • Chris with spotty leather 46lb Alamo September 2013
  • Tom with Lippy Common 43.06lb Alcatraz September 2013
  • Damian with the bearded lady 53.08lb Co's September 2013
  • Barty being Barty...
  • Gareth with arfur the common 39lb Oblivion September 2013
  • Damian with a 31.03lb mirror
  • Tom with the survivor 45.11lb Alcatraz September 2013
  • Tim with discus 54lb Stink September 2013
  • Damian with bottom lobe 45.15lb Co's September 2013
  • PB time for Dove...
  • physco dove with a 34.08lb common
  • Tom with a 31.10lb mirror
  • second time this week, Gareth with the target
  • Damian with the face 36.12lb Co's September 2013
  • Barty giving some love
  • Damian with a 33.03lb mirror
  • Damian with a 29.03lb mirror
  • Damian with a 38.13lb common
  • A beautiful morning in Alcatraz
  • Tom with a 36.12lb mirror
  • Damian with a 33.01lb common
  • Tom with a 35.08lb mirror
  • Damian with baby single scale 37.12lb Co's September 2013

Tom with the Target 61.13lb Alcatraz September 2013


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/09/2013

Grim wet start to the week but brightened up towards the end.

Water Temp – 23 degrees

Air pressure - 1022

Mozi’s – What Mozi’s

After a rather quite week previous the mood was soon lifted on Saturday morning when the legend that is Bullet had a take from the tree line… some say he’s faster out the blocks than Usain Bolt! An absolute stunning fish weighing 26.10lb was hoisted for the camera.

Korda’s very own Damian Clarke pulled out a good draw and decided on Co’s Point, a very consistent week was had landing a total of 12 fish including 8 30’s 1 40 and the “bearded lady” at 53.08lb. Damian was fishing at 28RL towards the right hand side of the bald spot and rented one of the boats to bait up with Hybrid boilies and a light scattering of Tigers. the tactic of baiting up first thing in the morning and early afternoon before bite times kept the bait in the area when the fish came in.

Next up a real legend in the shape of Tim Paisley who was fishing in the stink, Tim fished at around 90 yards to a clear opening in the weed, it was a tough week for him and after listening to bailiffs knowledge Tim tried one of the incredible Banoffee Wafters and to immediate effect caught the awesome “Discus” at 54lb.

Tom Dove fished in Alcatraz and fished to a spot lightly covered in weed at 27 ¼ Rl, Tom Baited with 22kg of hybrid and a light scattering of tigers throughout the week using a boat, he landed a total of 8 fish including 4 30’s 2 40’s and a new PB in the shape of the incredible “target” at 61.13lb. Tom also learnt that flip-flops and socks AREN’T cool…

Gareth fishing in Oblivion as most do took an instant disliking to Barty and by day 4 had him pinned down on the bench crying for his life, Barty claims that he was in control and actually had Gareth… Video evidence proofs different!

Gareth fished his rods very accurately to a small spot and baited with hybrid and tigers, it took the fish a while to slip up but when they did they couldn’t come much better for the second time this week after not being out for over a year “target” this time was in Gareth’s net weighing in at 61.14lb what a fish and a massive well done. The next night another fish was in the net this time a very charismatic creature known as “arfur the common” with 1 eye and “arfur” tail only a mother could love it.

Chris fished in the Alamo and was fishing 120 yards aiming in between Alcatraz and baxters, again with long range fishing he used the boat to his advantage with baiting up, it took the fish a while to move in but on Thursday he received his first bite, a lovely almost leather known as the “spotty leather” weighing in at 46lb left Chris swinging from the trees… Friday night Chris landed his second fish a scale perfect 26lb common.

Be lucky,

Mike & Barty

Angler Comments

Bullet - great week, great company and top dog bailiffs! barty needs to get some new jokes!!!

Tim Paisley - first out the draw! and picked wrong again!!! very happy with discus at 54lb, fine service, loved it and cant wait to be back

Damo - bagged co's had a great week with 12 fish landed, service exceptional though barty's "cackle" becomes a little tiresome!

Gareth - 2 fish to 61.14lb,a really good week with great company and excellent food

Chris - great week, great fishing, couldnt ask for a better experience. bailiffs were great good at their job and a great laugh.