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  • DF with The Twin at 62lb 8oz from Co's Point in September 2013
  • Baz with shoulders 51lb Alamo September 2013
  • Andy with Two TIme 50.04lb
  • Quasimodo at 35lb 9oz
  • Soft Focus at 34lb
  • Danny with an unknown 37lb 12oz mirror
  • Mad Max at 33lb
  • Spooner with the cheese 39.08lb
  • Spooner with a 32lb common
  • The Sargent at 39.12lb
  • Barty with a scaly mirror
  • Andy with 41lb mirror
  • Colin with equalled 37.14lb
  • The Buzzin' Fish 33lb mirror
  • Barty has found a friend
  • Wodka for Danny at 39lb
  • Spooner with the virgin 44lb
  • Sunrise from the lodge
  • Baz with a 37lb mirror
  • Chris with a 26.08lb mirror

DF with The Twin at 62lb 8oz from Co's Point in September 2013


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/09/2013




Weather - A cold wet start to the week with strong westerly winds battering the stink and alamo bank, forcing spooner into a midnight bivvy move before he blew away, warming up to the end of the week.

Water temp - 23 degrees 

Pressure - 1013

A tough grueling torturous week for us bailiffs this week as we have had the worlds biggest fishing divas on site in the shape of Dan Fairbrass & Ali “season my salad” Hamidi filming for the new free DVD.

The Boss decided on Co’s and after checking his hair every 10mins for the cameras eventually got down to business fishing all 3 rods at 28 RL towards the right hand side of the bald spot (that’s not Barty’s head), baiting up using the boat introducing Hybrid and a scattering of tigers. Dan caught 8 fish during the week and lost 3 due to hook pulls and other unlucky circumstances. His first fish was “the twin” weighing in at 62.08lb backed up by 7 30’s up to 39.12lb.

Ali chose Alcatraz and decided to fish chods coated in caramel Goo in the weed at 130yards. It took until Monday morning for his first bite and no sooner than a lovely 38lb mirror being in the net his other rod was away resulting in “ziggy stardust” at 54.08lb. The action slowed up for the next couple of days leaving Ali pulling his hair out of his incredibly low hairline…  towards the back end of the week he landed his third fish a stunning linear weighing 39.15lb.

Colin was the first to catch this week with the bite coming at around 10pm on Saturday night from Pole position, Colin had seen a couple of fish crash to his right at 50 yards so flicked a rod on the spot with a couple of freebies scattered around, a stunning fish known as “equaled” was landed weighing 37.14lb, after this the action slowed up until Thursday night when Colin landed a 36lb common from his baited area at 25Rl to the right of the stink.

Andy fished very accurately in the beach fishing at 90 yards out to a very clear area, casting his marker out and baiting up with a boat and fishing his rods close together but after seeing a few fish crash in the same area about 40 yards from the bank he moved one of the rods right on top of it, that night the rod was away resulting in “two time” at 50.04lb, his next fish came on Wednesday afternoon out of the blue and his net soon slid under a 41lb mirror.

Korda’s very own spooner was fishing in the stink, and found a few different spots were he introduced his bait, 120 yards towards the right of baxters, 90 yards to the right of the beach and 11 ¾ RL towards the corner of the tree line swim, he caught 3 fish during the week from the long range spot at 120yards, a lovely scaly fish known as “the cheese” at 39.08lb a 32lb common and “the virgin” common at 44lb.

Regulars Bob & Baz the lucky Londoners were here this week unfortunately it was not to be for bob who fished in Big Girls but a couple of swims up Baz in the Alamo had a good week, his main spot was at 19RL towards the tall tree to the left of the beach and the beach swim itself, introducing around 25kg of caution baits barbaric through the week using a spomb. Baz caught 6 of the fish from this area using a double bottom bait and choddys incuding “Shoulders” at 51lb he also caught a 20lb mirror that we have named “chaos” as it run him round in circles and wiped out all of his other rods (this fish will be giving people the fight of their lives when he grows up) his other area was at 12 ½ RL towards the lodge but only produced 1 fish.

Chris fished in oblivion and had a tough week he found an area around 110 yards and was walking round to the point and baiting up with a catapult he fished 2 rods to this area which produced 1 fish of 26.08lb his other rod hi fished in close round to the right were he had seen fish crashing but unfortunately this di not produce any fish.

Be lucky,

Mike & Barty