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  • Baz wit the Koi 43lb September 2013
  • Baz with fight club 36lb
  • Bob with a 32lb mirror
  • Kaj with a 38lb mirror
  • Baz with alcatraz 40lb
  • Baz with a 30lb common

Baz wit the Koi 43lb September 2013


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 21/09/2013

Weather – a steady week with some hot days, temps dropping in the evenings with a little rain

Water temp – 21 degrees

Pressure - 1010

A battle of the pride again this week as we had customers from England, Germany and Holland. England had the advantage having 5 anglers in the team, Germany had 3 and Holland was up against it from the start with only 2 anglers.

The Germans had their towels laid out early doors getting a good draw and deciding for Co’s, Tree Line & Big Southerly/Scotties Corner. Holland went for Alcatraz & Pole Position leaving England with the stink, Alamo, stock pond, Baxters & the beach.

Bob who is on his second week loves the 9 ball in the draw (he’s picked it about 5 times in previous trips) and again this week leaving him with little choice, he decided on the always neglected Baxters and Saturday night took England into and early lead with a 32lb mirror a very good bit of angling from a tricky swim.

Also Adding to the early lead was Nick in the Alamo who quickly picked Baz’s brains who had fished it the week previous so fishing the spots of 12 ½ RL towards the lodge and 19RL towards the tall tree to the left of the beach meant his rods and bait were out with little disturbance and on the first night he had a 39lb mirror in the net coming from the 12 ½ RL spot.

Zeb thought a hard fight for the Germans from Co’s fishing with Mainline Cell to the 28RL mark towards the bald spot baiting up using a boat but holding back of the spot and using a throwing stick or a catapult to get his bait the rest of the way he landed 3 fish in the week up to 36.15lb.

Kaj from Holland fishing in Alcatraz got Holland their only fish for the week he was fishing at the 20RL mark and baiting up using a boat, again his approach was to hang back of the spot and use a catapult to get the bait that extra distance, on Wednesday night he landed a stunning mirror of 38lb.

Baz chose Stock Pond in the draw as he had seen a lot of fish moving in this area the week before, he found his spot at 21RL towards Oblivion and put a marker out either side of this swim. He rented a boat for the week so he could introduce his bait quickly and accurately he put out around 4kg per day in between the 2 marks, Saturday night he landed a cracking fish “the long fish” at 48lb.

Baz was so confident that he only used 2 rods for the rest of the week and left his third clipped up ready to go. Monday he landed a 38.14lb common and Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday he landed 2 fish a night including a 32.02lb mirror, “the peach” 38.08lb, a 30lb common, “Alcatraz” 40lb, “fight club” 36lb & “the koi” 43lb

Final Scores:

England – 10

Germany – 3

Holland - 1

Be Lucky,

Mike & Barty