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  • Bob Burrows, 75lb 8oz, Co's Point, 28.9.13
  • Mike with a 22lb+ mirror
  • Deena, 44lb, Oblivion, 28.9.13
  • Steve with a 38.08lb mirror
  • Wayne with the bearded lady 55lb
  • Chris with a 22.08lb common
  • Ben, 37lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 28.9.13
  • Chris, 34lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 28.9.13
  • Chris, 31lb, Stock Pond, 29.9.13

Bob Burrows, 75lb 8oz, Co's Point, 28.9.13


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/09/2013

Weather – a calm start to the week with some sunny days changing to a very wet end to the week

Pressure – 1017

Water Temp – 18 degrees

What better way to start this then with the nicest guy in carp fishing Bob Burrows, who caught the biggest fish in the lake.  Fudgy’s weighing in at 75lb 8oz, after a massive spawn this year she dropped around 12lb in weight but is now putting the weight back on very fast and healthily, which is great to see.

Bob was fishing in Co’s Point and started the week fishing at the 28RL mark, by Tuesday the wind turned straight in towards him which left him falling short of the mark.  Instead of giving up and going with the “that’ll do approach”, he decided to have a lead around closer in and with a bit of bailiff knowledge about the spots at 16 ¾ RL Bob settled for a firm area at 17RL.

Thursday morning breakfast was interrupted as we could see Bob playing a fish, a couple of minutes later we heard the roar as the fish hit the back of the net. Approaching the swim I was greeted by a shaking man stuttering the words “I I I I ttthhink it’s a 40”.  Myself and Bob's buddy Mark identified it in the net.  With its mahoosive width and little kink in the tail, I turned to Bob and said have you seen the fish called fudgy’s?  He nearly had a heart attack.

Chris fishing in Stock Pond was off the mark on Sunday evening landing a 34lb 8oz common from the 21RL towards Oblivion.  From then on it was disaster after disaster, Chris went on a run of losing 5 fish and after close inspection of his rigs he realized that with his lead clip system and the size of the swivel on the lead he wasn’t dumping the leads.  This allowed the fish to stay deep and find refuge in the weed. With some alterations and changing to a Korda Hybrid lead clip attached to a safe zone leader and a 3 ½oz Korda lead he then managed to drop the lead immediately on the take, resulting in landing a further 3 out of 3 takes.  A common of 22lb 8oz and mirrors of 25lb and 31lbr were landed.  A massive well done for picking your head up and making the changes that were needed.

Steve fishing in Pole had a hard week, with no signs of fish but kept plugging away.  By Thursday he had seen a few fish roll quite close in, so on the Friday night he decided to move one of his rods to this area, 10Rl towards The Stink and this produced his only fish of the week, a 38lb 8oz mirror.  Steve and his brother Chris were using his homemade special boilies, a very nice bait that he had put a lot of thought and time into making and the Gigantica carp seemed to loved it.

Wayne fished in Alcatraz and caught one fish on the Sunday night, the Bearded Lady at 55lb.  Caught at 20RL towards the “W” between The Stink and Big Southerly.  A lot of bait was introduced after this and no more fish were caught, this is indicating that the fish are shying away from big beds of bait so I think a little and often approach is probably the best way to target the fish at the moment with the colder months approaching.

Ben started the week doubled up in The Alamo with his mate Rich, but with no success he decided on a move on Thursday to Big Southerly.  During the night he heard a lot of fish activity in Scotties Corner and decided on a move to this swim for his last night.  He was rewarded for his efforts, as at around 3am when he landed a very characteristic fish known as Quasimodo, weighing in at 37lb 8oz.

George and wife Deena started the week fishing in The Beach, but after a couple of days with no activity in front of them decided on a move in to Oblivion.  The move was made worth while as the next morning Deena landed Mr Chow, from 16RL straight out in front of the swim.  An awesome fish and great to see a lady angler beating her Hubby.

Be lucky,

Mike & Barty