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  • The Motley Crew
  • Billy's Scaly 20lber
  • Billy's 20 from second night
  • Billy's 33 from Co's
  • DF, 34lb, The Beach, 12.10.13
  • Apache off the mark 30lbs from Alcatraz
  • Tom shoots all over Mark
  • Marks stunning 28lb fully
  • DF, 53lbs 12oz, The Beach, 12.10.13
  • unknown 48lb 12oz common!!!
  • Barty and Andy help Apache with BRUTUS! Oct13
  • we shall call him BRUTUS 58lbs Alcatraz Oct13
  • The 43  at 60lbs 12oz from The Alamo in October 2013

The Motley Crew


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/10/2013

Water Temp - 18 degrees

Weather - excellent fishing weather, 16-18 in the day 7-10 at night, winds E turning SE then S SW and staying S or SW most of week, rain on and off all week.

Mozi's - what mozi's

Mike - consumate proffessional

Barty - Bannished to the road lake.......


Danny F was back again for his annual 'mates' trip. 8 accomplisherd anglers from all over the UK incluidng 2 newbies.

Billy 'Golden Balls' Hodkin got off to a flyer in Co's with 3 bites the first night. Sadly two came off and he landed a stunningh scaly 20lb'er. 28rl straight out for all three rods with iq d rigs and home made banoffee hookbaits doing the trick.

Danny F had a perfect zip linear now named 'Zippy' at 21lbs from 25rl in Beech casting half way between Alamo and Oblivion. a cut down snowman of indian spice and hybrid on an iq d rig and cog lead caught the fish, he only baited with tigers the first night, did this inspire the capture?

Bily had 3 more on sunday night, a scaly 19lber and two low twenties, a very very unusual run of small fish seeing as the bloke fishing the 17rl spot in there last week had a 56, 60 and 61!. iq d rigs as usual with the same banoffee's and also almond goo wafters getting the bites over 2lkg hybrid and some whole and chopped nut. Tigers can be bought on site and are a very good compliment to boilies and do not bring in the bream.

Mark Bryant of Baitworks lost one to hook pull in Alamo sunday night at 31rl on his own bait of course!

Evo sadly lost one monday morn from Big S, we were all gutted as he failed to catch last year off Co's, we expected more from him as the lake is fishing far better this year.

Dan moved spots on the third night to his short area at 17rl straight at the bald spot off the headland. He had been baiting this for 2 days whilst he fished the 25rl spot. This baiting and waiting proved fruitfull and he bagged a 34 8 mirror at 2am. He is convinced that as this time of year baiting spots and not fishing them is key to consistent action.

To further cement this theory Tom Dove moved after two days from tree line to oblivion after baiting the 26rl spot straight at alcatraz and had the lippy common at 46lbs and lost a very big fish straight after to a cut off in the weed. He put 4kg hybrid in Oblivion on Sat with 2kg of nuts and left it alone, then put in an extra 2kg of boilie and a few nuts in before he cast in and had the bites just before first light. his bites camer on size 6 krank hooks and 6" hybrid stiif hooklinks, hybrid cork dust and maple boosted hookbaits getting the action.

Billy had 2 more chances monday night landing a grey 33lber and loosing one to a cut off.

Apache in Alcatraz got off the mark on Tuesday with a scale perfect 30lb common at 27rl to the tree on the left of the W, a small almong goo hooker on an iq d rig doin gthe biz over 2kg of mixed hybrid and tigers, fishing all 3 rods super tight and baiting likewise.

Mark B aka 'Tin Tin' lost another Monday night and then changed rigs to size 4 kurv b's and hybrid soft straight through then landind the next two from tuesday night a stunning 28lb fully and shabumpkin like common of 24lbs. both at 31 rl just left of the big tree in the beech. he was baiting with 3kg of heavily oiled atlantic heat and 1kg tigers per night.

Wednesday night proved to be a flyer, Evo sadly lost another after an epic 10min fight is Big S after beefing up his tackle, the 'F@£$%in C&*t could be heard 2 miles away in Brienne. Billy also lost one to a hook pull. Apache lost one at 2am to a hook pull 

Dan F heard him loose one at 2am as he had just landed what he thought was Brutus a 1.30am on an almond/hybrid cut down snowman, the fish weighed 53lbs 12oz but could not be Brutus as Apache caught him at 4am at 58lbs on a single balanced tiger fished with a szie 6 wide gape and supernatual hooklink. Dan's fish turmed out to be Two Time, one he has not caught and in perfect condition and growing rapidly.

Dan was in again at 7.30am, this time an unknown 48lbs 12oz common graced his net also at 25rl on the almond/hybrid cut down snowman, size 2 kurv b on an iq d rig and cog lead. resting his long spot for two days and still baiting it proved to be the key as the fish are so line shy at this time of year. This is somehting Danny is goin to employ late in the year from now one when the fish are at their most cautious.

The icing on the cake came early Wednesday as newbie Mark B caught 'The 43" at an all time tight of 60lbs 12oz, a pb for mark which totally blew him away. a cork plugged atlantic heat heavily glugged in marks spicy fish oil got the bite over 3kg free offerings and a few nuts. Mark thanked his MUSCLES for holding up and getting a few decent shots. As they say in Aliens 'The Lions never stray far from the Zebras'.

Thursday was quiet for all except Apache who had The Koi at 45lbs on a double balanced nut and iq d rig and Mark who continued his run of success as 31rl in alamo with a 39 and 32lber.

the last night produced only two bites, mark had 'Harvey' at 32lbs and Andy Reynolds finally bagged one in The Stink at 11.5rl to the right taking Stoneacres at 40lbs 4oz on a balanced tiger. He and Andrew Gibbens in Stock Pond persevered all week, sadly Andrew didnt get one but learned loads. Andy R's fish came after he stopped baiting up leaving his swim quiet on Friday and Danny F is convinced this caught him the fish.

Danny says

'i learned that totally resting an area by moving all 3 rods to a shorter or longer spot definitely caught me fish and i should have kept with this plan for the last two nights. instead i fished 2 long and one short and didnt catch off either spot, stupido! i also think it is madness to bait up on the last night and will not be doing this again especially if bites are hard to come by. Andy didn't bait up at all for the first time all week and was rewarded with a stunning 40lber, good angling mate. How much bait is left in my swim? is the million dollar question and i know i over baited the last two days and fished both spots at the same time which is a mistake.

This week was a massive success though. This time last year we had only 8 bites and the two bailiffs had 3 of those. This year we had 30 bites without bailiffs! This is testiment to the excellent management from Mike and Barty the new bailiffs. They always put customers on the fish and know exactly the spots to fish and they have made sure the lake is not overbaited like it was last year. The fish were bigger then but much harder to catch as they didnt need to eat. The lake is better now and all credit to them for it.

The food is better than ever, all credit to Mike for this. Danny T's cooking was legendary and Mike has learned well from him and with the help of Barty and Kurt has made it even more tasty. Delivering breakfast to the swims is a godsend too. 

i cant wait to get back on Saturday 16th November for my tuition week, i am coaching 6 anglers for the entire week and expect there to be some monsters out based on this weeks results. There are still 3 places left for this special week and i know who ever goes is going to absolutely love it. Contact Jonny Mann at Gigantica to get more details.

Lastly a tale to melt anyones cold cold heart, a bromance developed between Andrew in Stock Pond and Apache in Alcatraz, pond keeping and late night vigils spotting showing fish bonded the men forever, the parting 'hug' brought tears to the eye. Next year cannot come soon enough for us all.................'