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  • Anders, 67lb 14oz, The Stink, 19.10.13
  • Peder with a 44.10lb mirror
  • Christian, 63lb 8oz, Oblivion, 19.10.13

Anders, 67lb 14oz, The Stink, 19.10.13


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/10/2013

With Fairbrass and his motley crew finally leaving the premises, the Vikings then invaded.

Just when you think we’ve had all the bad weather possible Saturday & Sunday night we had thunder, lightning and rain of biblical quantities.  The lake is rising every week, so please bring your wellies with you if you are due out in the next few weeks.

No fish graced the bank Saturday night.  Sunday morning and our Danish guests got busy finding their spots, most taking advantage of the boats we have here.

Monday morning at 3:34am I can here laughter.  I get the call as we attend every fish over 40lb and in Oblivion I look in to the net and there lay Immaculate, one of our huge common carp in the venue.  Weighing in at 63lb 8oz and in her full winter glory. This one really is a bar of gold straight out of the Fairbrass vault.

Another PB at Gigantica this time for Christian, on a knot less knot Wide Gape to Hybrid Soft material with a snowman.  Fishing out of Oblivion at 117yards and to say they kept the rest of the pond up that night was an understatement.  35 acres of joy.

Later that morning from the Tree Line another common this one weighed 33lb 6oz just off the margin.  Chiel was quietly content, a very precise fisherman.

Monday night and it looked like a runway, lights everywhere.  Firstly Ziggy Stardust was caught from The Beach for Bjarne, fishing at 27 ½ wraps towards Alamo over a lightly baited spot of 3kg of boilies, boy did he struggle to lift it, 61lb.

Within minutes at 47lb 12oz Spotty Leather, was in the net to a very vigilant Mikkel.  Mikkel had seen fish showing in Scotties Corner that morning and then moved swims.  Good water craft and for some reason the carp like this corner but its rarely fished.

Not to be outdone Christian landed the none to good looking 41lb 10oz Quasie.  Quite a pair in the photo.

The action continued in The Stink with Anders landing a mid double, fishing out at 19 wraps to the Tree Line swim.  DT Baits N-Blend snowman rigs doing the business.

There was more, Chiel in the Tree Line swim was again away on his left hand rod and over less than a kilo of boilie netted a mirror 28lb 8oz.

The Gigantica carp seem to be taking advantage of the mild October, fish showing all night right through until lunch time, and obviously having a good munch.

Tuesday morning and more good news, Chris had moved onto showing fish in Big Southerly, his reward was a common of 33lb 8oz, not bad for his first French carp.  Fishing 40 yards out over Nutrabaits Trigger Ice fished snowman style.

Also again in the Tree Line, Chiel had an absolute beauty at 51lb going by the name of Starburst.  Running leads working with Hybrid bottom baits.

Anders with the only bite on Wednesday night, landing the huge Galaxy at a massive 67lb 14oz.  Snowman on a KD rig doing the business.

Chiel in the Tree Line saw action Thursday night to a very pretty mirror of twenty pounds, and The Beach produced for Bjarne.  Again a mirror of 28lb.

Going into Friday night hopes were high for more fish.  Pete who moved into Alcatraz first had a common of 33lb, then a scaly mirror at 44lb.  A very happy great Dane.

A fantastic week, great fish and great company.  If Carlsberg did carp fisherman.

Safe journey Vikings, good health and tight lines

Barty xxx