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  • Dean with a scaly beast 43.12lb
  • Shane with casper the ghostie on Halloween

Dean with a scaly beast 43.12lb


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/10/2013

With the winter settling into full swing and with the rapidly decreasing temperatures, the fishing appears to have slowed down.  Even though the numbers of fish being caught has fallen we have noticed that the bigger girls are slipping up more in top condition in there full winter glory.

It didn’t take long for the first fish to be landed and it came to Dean fishing in the recently in form Tree Line swim at 11pm on the first night, landing the Devil Fish.  This fish lived up to its name in recent captures, giving him a proper scrap all the way to the net.  The fish fell to one of our famous Banoffee wafters fished KD style on a Kurv hook and on the left hand spot down the tree line producing the bite.

Wednesday night and to the same rig, same spot, same bait and same time Dean was in to another fish, this time a scaly beast at 43lb 12oz.  Unfortunately Dean also lost two fish from further up the tree line to the fallen tree.

The ugly Barty caught the beautiful Cookies & Cream from The Beach at 25RL towards the right hand side of The Alamo using a Banoffee wafter on an IQ D rig.  He was then swiftly evicted from his swim by his old school mate Shane and banished to cleaning the toilets with his toothbrush.

Ady was next of the mark in the Stock Pond swim.  After hearing a lot of fish crashing around to his right hand side reeled in at 1am and flicked a rod towards the noise, hearing a plop and feeling it drop was all he needed.  3am and it was off, resulting in a 36lb mirror.  Caught on Plum Cell with a Tutti topper fished snowman style on a KD rig.  Top dangling Sir.

The weather has been horrible and wet wet wet, please bring wellies and or waders as the water is over a couple of swims so they will be needed to cast.

Be lucky,


Mike & The Bartman, Barty