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  • James with Big Bollox Common 50.08lb
  • James getting the PB treatment from Mike
  • Pecky, 29lb, Co's Point, 9.11.13
  • 15,000 messages later the Gigantica crew arrived
  • Paddy with The Rudder at 37lbs, Good Skills
  • James 'Del Boy' with an unknown 32lber
  • To say we had a laugh was an understatement!



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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/11/2013

Water Temp 11 degrees

Weather - Gail force SW winds for first few days, then easing off but staying W or SW then switching to NE for the last 48 hrs. Milder at the start of the week getting colder as the wind changed towards the end.

Well where do I start? For me this was my third November trip to Gigantica and is always the way in the run up I was dreaming of catching 1 of Giganticas monster, possibly even busting my long standing PB. This trip was different though, not for filming or purely personal fishing but to help 6 anglers improve there angling skills whilst at the same time trying to help them all to catch a Gigantica wacker or two!!!

Once the lucky 6 had all booked I was pleased to see a name I knew from a previous tuition, James Del Boy Gesner. Now fair play to him, James took it apon himself to ring Korda and ask for all the details of the other lads, quickly contacting them before setting up a What’s App group. Now I invited myself to this group as I thought I may be able to help answer any questions they might have…. well lets just say there were a few questions before it turned to banter like the sort you’d get  before a lads drinking holiday. If I told you there were 15000 messages sent by 7 blokes, in just a couple of months you’ll get the idea. My I phone battery was lasting half a day….. as from 7am onwards it would go into melt down. In hindsight this was a great idea as by the time we all arrived, it was like we all new each other, making for an enjoyable weeks dangling.

Now having been previously at this time of year I knew it was going to be relatively tough, but fish were still getting caught and with my previous experience I fancied are chances.

I arrived early the night before which meant I was there to witness the photos and weighing of the lakes largest resident Fudgies @ a whopping 80lb04oz…. From Cos Point…..Well that was me, I was in there like a rat up a drain pipe buzzing at the prospect of the week facing the dance floor.

When the lads arrived we drew 1st  before the walk round which I thought would lead to lots of blinds being thrown about but to be honest the reverse happened as silence fell over the group as no one wanted to give away their plans.

Mark Haley 1st went in the Beach, James 2nd Alamo, Mark Essex 3rd Alcatraz, John 4th in the Stink, Jeff aka the real Jim shelly 5th Tree line and last but not least Paddy 6th into Pole Position. My advise was simple find the areas that had produced in the pegs put a float on them, put a bit of bait out via the boat and fish 2or3 rods on that mark and not waver. It’s a tactic that has worked well many, many times.

The Saturday was all a bit rushed and as we all took advantage of the boats the fish dived into the areas we wasn’t fishing….. Standard reaction from heavily pressured fish. Not to worry we had a week, if we kept the disturbance down I was sure it would happen.  Sunday morning the fish were stacked up in Oblivion and Big girls and Jeff was first to react, moving round Sunday evening, top angling mate…..I wont tell any1 the real reason you moved was because you were getting flooded out of the Tree line and that you was missing James. “ they usually share a bivvy as far away from other anglers as possible”

Monday morning the fish were still very evident in this area but after Jeff got installed properly the majority of the fish moved out into the middle or as I like to call it the Dance floor, because they often show out there.

Tuesday Morning Mike woke me with my breakfast roll and the good news James in Alamo had one in the net. James took his fish at 31 wraps towards the left side of the big tree just left of the Beach swim. The spot Mark Bryant had had success on in October, James fish fell to a banoffee wafter fished over 5kg of CC Moore Equinox which he had baited with on the first day and weighed 31lb.

Things were looking up but I was starting to flap like a good en. The fish were just behind me off Co’s at 28 wraps and I was beginning to wish id gone longer ……even know the previous angler took his 3 fish much shorter than this. I decided to go out long with 2 rods, baiting with 12 spods with a mixture of cell and hybrid boilies and was rewarded early that same evening with nice 22lb mirror. This was a result yes but my line came back marked and I knew that if I was going to continue to fish this spot id have to see if I could remove this obstacle which was probably nothing more than just a stick, but covered in razor sharp muscles.

Wednesday Morning James had another pb, this time one of Giganticas many scaley fish weighing 37lbs. This fish was incredible and James was fishing well recasting with little disturbance.

By this point 4 nights in I decided I wanted to fish the spot a little further out, but having been cut off long from Cos previously and having had my line damaged I decided to tow a grappling hook through my swim to see if I could remove the offending obstacale. Well I didn’t manage to pull up anything but I hoped I may have broken any muscle infested twigs off so I wouldn’t get cut off, weather or not I did I am not sure but it certainly would have dispersed the fish from in front of me. While I was out there I baited with 2.5 kg of a mixture of cell and hybrid , 3nights to go……….come on.

Thursday morning nothing, my fault, the fish had moved because of my disturbance and had piled into Baxters hole!!!!! On the end of a freezing cold easterly wind?!! Now Baxters is certainly not one of my prefered swims but having seen what I witnessed this week, I think its fair to say the lakes changing all the time, both with weed growth and angling pressure. I can imagine Baxters is often free and the fish seemed to know this. Essex Mark moved onto them on Dfs advice to fish Baxters and rest Alcatraz. Hed been fishing the 27 wrap spot there with no fish even coming close to his spot for 5 nights.

With Df on hand I was able to leave him minding my rods while I helped every one get cast out early enabling us to keep the disturbance down in the center of the lake during the evening. This worked a treat the fish returned on mass to the dance floor. The moon was bright the fish were dancing and I could sense we were gona have em. The walkie talkies were going crazy with “you see that, what was it in line with” as everybody tried to work out how close the fish were to them. Come on…….

I was first to get a take at 7pm coming adrift 20 yards out to a hook pull. Next up just minutes later was Paddy in Pole. He took a 38lb mirror at 33wraps on a Banoffee wafter fished over CC Moore Equinox. Paddy needed very little help from me and fished extremely well all week. When they came he caught them top angling. Not to be out done Top rod Richworth sponsored angler James Gesner over in Alamo had another shortly after at 32lbs…..on yep you guessed it a Banoffee wafter over Equinox. No S-core in sight… very strange?

With the bites coming early there was a big shout for another especially as the rods went back out with the minimum of fuss. My middle was away again during the early hours resulting in a 29lb mirror, but this was James’s night, banking another knew pb, this time a 50lb 8oz common. In the morning I was glad 1 of us had had a big one. It was a great trip, and we had a right laugh but this was the icing on the cake. On the mat this beast of a common was passing bait, which James was so keen prove was Equinox he offered to taste it????  A week on the bank is a long time and can do funny things to a man….

On the Friday Essex Mark left early which left a huge whole on that side of the lake and with the wind banging over there the fish moved into the unpressured area on mass with no more bites occurring during the last night.

Unfortunatly John over in the Stink and Mark in the Beach got little mention in this report. This is purely down to the fact the fish never got close enough to them for them to stand a real chance of catching. Just goes to show there is a big element of luck in fishing. The Stink had been consistant all year and in the weeks running up to our trip the Beach looked a safe bet. This doesn’t mean they didn’t play their part in a great weeks fishing. I was working but thoughly enjoyed myself and im sure these guys have made friends for life during this trip and will all fish together in the future.

Lastly a big thank you to Mikey for the 2 cough 3 meals a day who worked his socks off and combined with Df to help loose my memory card with all my Graviers pictures and my mates pics of THE SCAR AT 93LB!!!!!!!