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  • Max, 37lb 12oz, The Stink, 25.1.14
  • Nathan with a pretty 37.04lb mirror
  • Raking a few spots for the spring
  • mike clearing the weed
  • The guys wanting to send Max for a swim
  • Bar of Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Max, 37lb 12oz, The Stink, 25.1.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/01/2014

January Round up.

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 Gigantica announced the biggest give away in fishing history.  Two hours later and 90 guys had been given there winter holiday for free.

Three days later the first customers of the Gigantica give away were here hoping to catch one of giganticas finest in full winter glory.

After talking of nothing but a football, a few trees and a stray cat (that we have adopted to keep the mice away that even though I feed it every day try's to claw my eyes out at any given opportunity) for the past few weeks the anglers were extremely welcome. 

The lads were welcomed to a complimentary free beer and had plenty of time to have a look around the pond before the draw.  I have only seen one person more nervous at the draw than Gez and that is Tom Dove (it never goes well for Tom), and in true style the nervous Welshman drew ball number ten (last), good skills fella.

The draw out the way the guys began to set up, the brummys Ant & Daz choosing Stock Pond and Pole Position.  Lee in Alcatraz.  Nathan in The Beach.  Murphy in Co's Point.  Max in The Stink and
 Gez in The Alamo.

Monday night at around 21:30pm the first fish of the season was landed by young Max fishing in The Stink at 11RL towards the corner of the tree line, a solid spot that produced a lot of fish last season.  The beautiful fully scaled warrior now known as Mad Max weighed in at 37lb 12oz and a new PB for the Essex Angling TV blogger.
The fish was caught using a flouro white Hybrid pop up on a hinged stiff rig over ten spods of Equinox.  Max takes a lot of care in his rigs, as me and the other lads had to wait for hours for him to tie a new rig to get back out there.  Cheers lad, we still havnt warmed up.  A well deserved fish after having to drive from Colchester to Wales and back the day before coming to the Big G to get his passport sorted.

Gez didn't take long to realise that he caught it on the snag side of the swim, so moved around to Big Southerly, hoping that the fish were held up in the snags and he could intercept them from the other side if they moved out.

With Alamo now free and Lee seeing a big fish lump out his rods were in before Gez had even taken down his bivvy.

Thursday morning and the second fish of the week was caught, this time coming to an old thinking tackle star Nathan who won a magazine competition to get on the show.  He caught a stunning 37lb 4oz mirror from 18 rl straight out in front of the swim.  The fish was caught on a KD snowman with a Hybrid bottom bait and a Cell pop up, with literally a 3 bait stringer.

Friday afternoon and Gez had a few bleeps on a 12ft zig he didnt hit it straight away which gave the fish a lot of time to kite round into the snags and dump the hook in a snag to the left hand side of Big Southerly.

My advice to anyone fishing zigs home or abroad is to hit any beep especailly with long hook links a lot of bites will be slight drop backs rather than the more traditional screaming takes that people will be waiting for.  We have had fish caught when there hasnt been a single beep on the alarm but just a slight knock on the tip of the rod.

Thats it for January and we look forward to seeing you in Febuary.

Be lucky,