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  • Danny Nichols, 44lb 2oz, Stock Pond, 8.3.14
  • Rich with a winter coloured common
  • Andy sparrow with his new PB all 38 lb of it.
  • Every one woke up to get in on the action.

Danny Nichols, 44lb 2oz, Stock Pond, 8.3.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/03/2014

Feb round up.

Free holidays at Gigantica.  Could it get any better?

Well a few of our guys thought it could, working hard to find their “spots” and taking advantage of the boats on hire with tight baiting up and accurate casting we were all confident fish would be out.

Rich Boden was first of the mark with a chocolate brown common in its full winter glory at 28lb.  This was caught from Co’s Point at 82 yards on a Banoffee wafter fished KD style over a bed of Hybrid boilies and tigers, with a small amount of hemp (available on site pre ordered).  Richie fished well and accurately for the rest of his week but it was clear the fish had moved across to Oblivions water.

Andy Sparrow in The Beach duplicated these tactics and later that same morning landed a PB in the shape of another common at 38lb, a fantastic looking fish held well for some trophy shots.  Its fair to say he didn’t stop smiling the rest of his trip.

This seasons new Banoffee wafters doing the business for both anglers.  Andy fished 110 yards using The Alamo as his line.

It seemed a little vegetable mix over the boilies proved to be to the carps liking.

These Banoffee wafters DF has had made for Gigantica are already making a difference again this season, he has also asked me to let you all into a little secret, Mystic Spice Goo on our Banoffe wafters will be the one (watch this space).

The temps both day and night time had been kind to us especially when you consider its Feb/March.  Daytime temperatures to 14 degrees and nights of 2-4 degrees.

Next up we had Danny Nichols fishing from the Stock Pond swim.  He went out 25 wraps to a very clear area fishing a snowman rig with Hybrid bottom baits and Banoffee pop ups soaked in Raspberry Plume Goo.  The Cheese took a liking to this, a stunning 44lb 2oz heavily plated mirror.  One of the best looking French carp you will ever see, no doubt you’ve seen the pictures on twitter.

This was also Danny’s PB and after quality photos the champagne did indeed flow.

All these fish so far have been caught on bottom baits, but as it warms up I would also advise and expect action on the zigs in the next few weeks, these can be as much as 25ft up in the water, great fun to say the least. 

If you're coming out don’t forget to bring your wellies and be lucky.