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  • Greg Walters, 69lb, The Beach, 5.4.14
  • Neil Raison, 42lb, Pole Position, 5.4.14
  • A very happy customer
  • The new kitchen is up and running
  • All singing all dancing

Greg Walters, 69lb, The Beach, 5.4.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/04/2014

March 2014 Gigantica and Road Lake monthly highlights .

Wow.  That's it for the great giveaway this year guys and we've loved having you all. 

First up, we'll deal with Gigantica.  Big, big fish and big, big changes. 

Almost overnight the weather changed to warm and even sunny days, so different from last month.  It took the fish a few days to cotton on but when they did it was the prettiest and even one of the A-Team slipped up.

Greg Walters and dad Jay (Gigantica veterans) had a trip to remember.  Fishing from The Beach at 20 wraps and using snowman style D-rig, Greg smashed his PB twice.  The Patched Fully at 46lb 8oz left us speechless, she looked fantastic.  It got better, much better in fact when he landed The Target at 69lb, looking dark brown and huge.  It must have been a tad overwhelming because Jay who is not one to part with his cash, splashed out on two bottles of champers.

The Grey Plated was another stunner to grace us with a visit to the bank, squawked out of Pole Position.  Raison, Korda's ‘Man Who Can’ was the jubilant captor.  Our own Banoffee wafters fished on a combi-rig over some ‘borrowed’ Hybrid boilies.  It's fair to say Gigantica owed you that one, Mr Raison.

Steve Bailey worked his magic at 22 wraps out of Alcatraz fishing to a nice little spot.  Snowman hook baits on blowback rigs topped with the old favorite Indian Spice pop ups managed to trick not one, but four crackers over four mornings, almost like clockwork. 

Paulie Pow worked a zig rig well to showing fish out of Co's Point and managed to snare a very nice common of 36lb 2oz, fished 12ft off the lake bed.  Just a quick mention also for Jason in Big Girls who nicked a nice mirror at close range, moving swims onto showing fish. Well done sir.

Whilst this was all going on and the reason for the free holidays, our lodge received a total refit.  Including walls, floor, gas mains, lighting and rewiring not to mention possibly the very best kitchen in carp fishing #cookingsuddenlybecamefun #nakedchef

On to the Road Lake.

Due to the massive stockings and building works that this lake has been subjected to during this winter/early spring the lake was only open to friends and us lucky bailiffs for the odd night.  In total we’ve added 226 fish, including 185 x 30lb+ and 14 x 40lb+ fish.

The lake is now OPEN and full to the brim of stunning English looking carp.

The fishing, it's fair to say has just got better and better and with new fish gracing the banks all around the pond.  The vast majority have been mid thirties with a few of the forties also slipping up.  Simple tactics have been scoring well with snowman rigs over pellet and chops accounting for most of my bites.  Don't be scared to move onto showing fish either as they’re not afraid to give their presence away.  I like the margins at the bottom of the shelf, simple stuff.

For anyone looking to fish either lakes this year please contact Jon Mann on the details below. The final mention must be a massive thank you to Raison, Dave Mac Mastic and Fabian for our refit.  If Carlsberg did kitchens it would be ours #bestkicheninfrenchfishing

Until next month, be lucky.

Barty and Mike