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  • Ivan, 49lb, Pole Position, 12.4.14
  • 18.00lbs Co's 12.04.14
  • 25.00lbs mirror Co's 12.04.15

Ivan, 49lb, Pole Position, 12.4.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/04/2014

The fish have been showing themselves all over the lake, if your watching the water through the day you might catch a glimpse of a whale emerging from the depths.  Early evening and all night long you will hear what can only be described as fridges being thrown out of planes.

The week started with Tosh losing a fish on a 16ft zig from Co’s Point at 2pm on Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately the fish kited to the right and found refuge in the Tree Line snags, unlucky dude.  But he soon made up for it as 2pm Monday (bite time) he hooked into another fish on a 15ft zig with black foam.  The fish gave him a good run around attempting to wipe out all his lines, but he eventually got it in the net with help from Max.  25lb on the button an absolutely stunning fish that will one day be a target for many.

Zig’s seemed to be the going tactic and were flung out all over the lake as the guys tried to work as a team, varying depths and working together to find a good colour/height combo.  Obviously with most sticking 1 out around the 15-16ft mark.

The 15ft zigs were working for Tosh, 80 yards out of Co’s Point as Tuesday morning he was into another.  Again, Max heard his cry for a nets man and was soon round there netting his second Gigantica carp.  Not a monster at 18lb, but still a pretty fish that gave an awesome scrap on the zig.

Action had slowed up through Wednesday and the guys persisted with the zigs, changing depths, colours, bait sizes the lot.  Eventually it was Ivan’s turn to strike at 10pm on Thursday night his 16.5ft zig with cork soaked in Squid Goo tipped with a bit of red foam was away in Pole Position.  A 24lb scaly mirror was the culprit and Ivan was smiling like a Cheshire cat.  Little did he know what was in store for him in the morning.  First light and a few bleeps later Ivan was in battle with another angry carp, screaming for help but nobody came (make friends with your neighbours haha) to his rescue seeing that it was a good fish but not having a netsman is literally the worst possible feeling.  The leadclip was at the tip ring with no more line to gain the fish was still 16.5ft away, he walked to the back of the swim playing the fish into the edge and when she was ready to be netted through the rod behind and made a lunge with the net, good skills.

49lb of absolutely stunning Rene’s Linear, a very sought after fish that we all want to catch.  Again took a liking to the Squid Goo induced cork.

Thanks for a great week lads.

Be lucky,

Mike & Ross