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  • Darren, 65lb 8oz, Co's Point, 19.4.14
  • Mark, 45lb 8oz, Treeline, 19.4.14
  • Mark with The 43 at 61lb 12oz from the Tree Line in April 2014
  • Dave, 49lb, The Alamo, 19.4.14
  • Mike with a zig caught mirror
  • Mark with a 39lb mirror
  • Darren, 37lb 8oz, Co's Point, 19.4.14
  • Darren with a 32.08lb mirror
  • Mark, 50lb, Treeline, 19.4.14
  • Darren, 45lb, Co's Point, 19.4.14
  • Ross, 32lb, Beach, 19.4.14
  • Mark, 39lb, Treeline, 19.4.14

Darren, 65lb 8oz, Co's Point, 19.4.14


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/04/2014

A week of stunning fish, PB’s, wet customers, wet bailiffs and it didn’t even rain.

Ross, our temporary bailiff got the week started with work commitments taking up his time until nightfall he decided to chuck a couple of solid bags out and spray a handful of bait around each rod, as he didn’t have time to change his set-up to zigs after hauling out of the Road Lake.

7am and his faithful solid bag presentation was away, and after a few hairy moments in the fight he eventually slid the net under a cracking 32lb mirror known as The Richmond Fish, well deserved lad.

The news soon spread that it was caught off the bottom and confidence started to grow as small amounts of bait were introduced to their spots.

I stuck with the zig approach from The Beach and Sunday night caught a nice 26lb mirror (pest control), from around 80 yards out on an adjustable zig popped up at 17ft with a bright pink 10mm Fruitella pop up as the hook bait.

7:30am Monday morning, Mark was into a fish in the Tree Line and after a scrappy battle a 26lb mirror soon graced his net.  He was buzzing with his first ever Gigantica carp.  

19:30pm Monday evening and the Tree Line erupted as an angry common was hooked from the second cove, and after trying to wipeout Marks other rods he steadily showed it who was boss and got it in the back of the net.  A beautiful common known as “The Long Common” swung the needle round to 45lb 8oz, a new PB for Mark.

Tuesday morning it was Darrens turn fishing 26rl out of Co’s Point towards the second gap.   On arrival it was clearly a 60lb+ fish.  Anything over 60lb we don’t take out of the water.  There are a few swims with good areas at the side for water shots and steady banks for weighing the fish, luckily Co’s Point is one of them.  Spence’s Fish at 65lb 8oz and a new PB for Darren.  Do I need to tell you that he got soaked after the fish was safely returned.

Like clock work, at 19:30pm Marky boy was away again in the Tree Line.  This time landing a 39lb mirror that only a mother could love.

Wednesday morning brought a few more fish and a cracking 23lb mirror to Darren in Co’s Point and when Mark told me he had a scaly mirror that looked around 50 I knew excactly which fish it was.   One I will always dream of catching and as I peered into the net it confirmed that he had indeed caught one of the best looking carp in French fishing, Fred was in the net and a new PB for Mark.  50lb on the button, what a creature.

Wednesday evening Dean got off the mark with a pretty upper double from Pole Position, a well deserved fish after persevering through a few bream.

Dave started the week in The Alamo.  He usually likes fishing in corners or to a visible features and needless to say he felt a little out of his comfort zone fishing into masses of open water, but seeing a few fish in Big Girls corner was all he needed to make the move.  Feeling settled and fishing effectively in his comfort zone it didn’t take long for him to have a fish in the net.  A stunning fish known as The Spotty Leather was weighed in at 49lb.  Just shows how important the walk around before the draw is on picking a location that suits your fishing, a big well done to Dave for making the move.

Darren kept up good form taking 2 more mirrors of 37lb 8oz and 32lb 8oz into Friday morning, all of his fish came from 26rl towards the second gap.  He worked the swim baiting up with 2-3kg per day of Hybrid boilies with the throwing stick.  His rig was the ever faithful IQ-D rig and a Gigantica special Banoffee wafter hookbait.

Not to be outdone Mark caught his third PB of the week in the shape of The 43, weighing in at 61lb 12oz.   Again his Nash Scopex 14mm pinky’s doing the biz on a simple N-Trap Soft rig with a size 8 hook.  This time coming from the fallen tree.

Friday evening he added the 6th and 7th fish to his dream session, mirrors of 40lb and 39lb.

Luke’s hard work payed off on Friday night catching a 20lb common from the 16.5 rl mark in Big Southerly aiming at the lodge.  He worked hard all week and kept his head up until the end, he was well chuffed to get a Gigantica carp under his belt.

Darren landed his 5th fish of the session minutes before reeling in on Saturday morning when he landed The Clean Fish at 45lb, what a way to end the week.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Ross who has been here for the past 3 weeks helping me out with bailiffing duties, during his time he smashed the Road Lake taking plenty of 30’s and even nicked 1 out of the Main Lake.  Cheers mate.

Be Lucky,

Mike and Ross