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  • Dave Gladstone, 57lb 8oz, Co's Point, 26.4.14
  • Liam with 2-3-4 49lb
  • Dave with a stunning 28.14lb mirror
  • Dan wit a 29.04lb mirror
  • Mike with a 35.02lb common
  • Dirk, 43lb, Stock Pond, 26.4.14
  • Dave Gladstone, 35lb, Co's Point, 26.04.14
  • Dirk, 32lb, The Beach, 26.04.15
  • Carp

Dave Gladstone, 57lb 8oz, Co's Point, 26.4.14


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/04/2014

Sunny with chilly nights, 21 degrees down to 4 degrees at night.

Water temp 15 

It's always nice when the suns shinning and the fish are coming out and I open the gates to regulars.

This was one of those weeks, we'd noticed over night that a towel had appeared in the stock pond swim.

Yup, Dirk "the German" was here again (glad it's before the World Cup).

Coffee and croissants on arrival sorted we trooped of round the turquoise water that is Gigantica, pointing out the spots that had done fish the previous week.  This is so the guys have a better idea of the most recent going spots.

Dave "gollum" Halfacre a Gigantica regular was first of the mark with a double take on zigs.  Fishing out of his favourite swim, The stink.  Dave's black aliner and red foam bait at 16ft and a fake snail at 18ft was his choices. He used size 10 Mixa hooks on Fox zig line.  A fish called The Grey Plated being the better fish he had, at 42lb and also Herbert's at 35lb.  Good fishing and being prepared to change tactics to suit the conditions made the catchs more worthy.

This early hit soon put his fishing buddy Dave Gladstone under pressure, Dave was in Co's Point and it wasn't long before he also was amongst the scaly Gigantica lookers.

Sunday 2.30pm and a 39lb mirror took his Hybrid Banoffee snowman combination fished at 28 wraps.  Then a fish that turned out to weigh in at 57lb 8oz and it was Danish Bacon, a fish that would make anybody's trip worthwhile.  Again Hybrid Banoffee snowman combination this time fished at 17 wraps in Fudgies kitchen, a pukka spot that we advise all to fish, doing the business.  After this a mirror of 28lb 14oz, back on the 28 wrap spot.  Hybrid and Indian Spice snowman fished KD style snaring that one.  Dave then zigged to fish he'd seen patrolling on a route everyday, resulted in a 34lb 4oz fish, caught on a 18ft zig with brown foam nailing another scaly mirror.  Good skills sir.  Daves edge was Almond Goo, don't tell Ali. 

Dirk in The Stock Pond swim was fishing to the right, a rod length from the margin and also straight out at 21 wraps towards Oblivion.  Both clear and at a very comfortable range for fishing.  Fishing KD style rigs with snowman Hybrid and Indian Spice combination hook baits, it didn't take long for Dirk to connect with a very nice 43lb common, it was a good start to the week.

Dirk moved his towel and began trickling in Hybrid in The Beach, Dirk chose the two regular spots 21 wraps out straight in front and here you get a nice drop.

"Poacher" Dan started in Big Southerly and spodded our particle mix at 17 wraps straight out, it's very clear there. A cracking 28lb fish was his reward. Effort equals rewards.  He then moved to the Tree Line, his middle rod along the tree line rattled off first thing in the morning, resulting in a 29lb 4oz typical scaly stunner nailed using a Banoffee wafter on a D rig.

Liam Kelly opted for Big Girls, where he fished the far margin at the bottom of the shelf.  Baiting with 60 Hybrid boilies he fished a blow back rig with a Banoffee wafter on a size 6.  I got the call at 2.30am, "it's big".  It was 49lb and a belter called "2,3,4".  Another cracking Gigantica lump of muscle.

Even us lucky bailiffs got amongst them this week, Mike with a very nice common of 35lb 2oz at range out of The Alamo, Hybrid wafter D rig style over a big bed of Hybrid boilie doing the trick.  26 wraps into the wind looked impressive from where I sat in The Beach.

From The Beach, at a modest 20 wraps i managed a 33lb 2oz mirror on a "D" rig fished with a Banoffee wafter, known as Better Off Dead.  I then moved to Alcatraz and had another mirror at 33lb and a small common.

90th minute and in true German style I get a call.  Dirks got a 32lb mirror on a Clockwork Orange and Hybrid combination used on a snowman rig.  Dirk fished to the 21 wraps spot in The Beach.  Good move and good skills sir.

It was a great week catching up with a lot of regulars, the sun shone and again both lakes did us proud.

The Road Lake producing 126 fish, all fished extremely well again this week.  See Road Lake report for more information.

Be lucky,

  Barty and Mike