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  • Josh Cook, 79lb, Co's Point, 3.5.14
  • 2 of the A-team deserves a bucket!!!
  • Josh Cook, 64lb 12oz, Co's Point, 3.5.14
  • Barty, 36lb, Alcatraz, 3.5.14
  • Barty, 32lb, Alcatraz, 3.5.14
  • Mike's still on pest control
  • Barty with a mint 32lb common
  • Barty with his cheerleaders
  • Josh with his first Gigantica carp
  • Barty with a 27.14lb mirror
  • A stunning 30lb mirror for barty

Josh Cook, 79lb, Co's Point, 3.5.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/05/2014

Weather sunny.

Water 15 degrees and creeping up.

Fudge's is here and at 79lb on the button looked awesome for Josh Cook, who was lucky enough to have this fish grace his net whilst fishing from Co's Point.  Josh set out his stall at the 28RL spot lined up on the far bank tree line.  Josh used one of our rowing boats feeding 60kg of Hybrid over the week and also tigers, which we prepare on site for you.

The week started with two lost fish, sometimes I think people are reluctant to play them hard enough.  With this advice taken on board a nice 21lb mirror was in the net first thing next morning.

The following day and from the lodge I looked out and could see that he was into another fish.  My phone rings "I've got a good 'un".  Mike and I grab our chestie's and camera and shoot round.  Straight away we knew it was a kipper, Roberts fish.  A great looking member of DF's A Team at 64lb 2oz.

Still fishing and feeding heavily at 28 wraps we couldn't believe it when the next fish was Fudge's at 79lb on the button.  We managed some excellent shots of both fish, very well held sirs.

All of Josh's fish fell to Hybrid boilies with banoffee snowman baits fished over the top on size 4 Kurv "D" rigs at 28 wraps, these just don't tangle.  This swim also does fish at 17 wraps so please don't think you have to fish at range all the time .

Mike fished out from The Alamo, 26 wraps against the wind.  Mike used a boat to bait up which makes senseas you know it's exactly where you want it to be.  3kg of Hybrid and Cell boilies with a scattering of tigers each evening, fished with a Banoffee wafter over the top was the tactic chosen.

Midweek and Mike got an early wake up call from an angry 25lb common, which looked great in the early morning sun.  Mike lost a fish also (a biggun), funny nobody ever loses a Little'un.

I found myself in Alcatraz with the wind suddenly turning into my face.  Fish topping at 40 yards and I opted for a couple of 14 foot zigs.  Bang bang two in a hour, well chuffed with that.  Black foam and an imitation snail working for me.  Pretty fish too and with the photos done that was it for the night.

Back on the bottom for the rest of the week feeding Hybrid boilies and tigers over my left hand and middle rod at 14 wraps, 3kg a night.  Action seemed almost like clock work, three more nights and three more fish up to 36lb, all taken on wafters.  Hybrid wafters being my favourite, which are available on site, to size 4 Kurv.  My right hand rod was fished short, where I used Alamo as my line and found a great drop.  I chose snowman baits over a lighter bed of bait resultingin two more fish, again to 36lb.  I was chuffed with what I had caught, great looking fish all of them.

Gigantica carp are royally on the munch, so come and catch them.

Be lucky,

Barty and Mike