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  • Peer, 79lb 4oz, The Alamo, 10.5.14
  • Tim, 56lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 10.5.14
  • Dave, 49lb 12oz, Oblivion, 10.5.14
  • Peer, 46lb, The Alamo, 10.5.14
  • Peer, 61lb 8oz, The Alamo, 10.5.14
  • Dave's mint common 37.12lb
  • Mike with a fat 39lb common
  • Gary with a 31lb mirror
  • Mike with a 34lb common
  • Barty with a beautiful dark mirror
  • Peer, 41lb, The Alamo, 10.05.15
  • 26.00lbs mirror Stock Pond 10.5.15
  • 20 #21 29.04lbs 10.05.14
  • 30 #11 30.04lb 10.05.14
  • Peer, 46lb, The Alamo, 10.05.15
  • Peer, 37lb, The Alamo, 10.05.14
  • Dave, 34lb, Co's Point, 10.05.14
  • Mike, 42lb, Stock Pond, 10.05.14
  • Peer, 38lb, The Alamo, 10.05.14
  • Gary, 31lb, Co's Point, 10.5.14

Peer, 79lb 4oz, The Alamo, 10.5.14


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/05/2014

Water Temp – 16 degrees

Weather – Wet stormy start to the week with clear sunny days towards the end.

Plenty of fish this week, a total of 38 bites and 31 fish landed. 

Dave fishing in Oblivion got the first bite of the week in the early hours of Sunday morning, but unfortunately the fish won the battle and got away.  Clearly excited about getting a take and gutted about losing it, he decided to call Barty at 5am to let him know.  Obviously Barty was overjoyed at being woken up with a grown man crying down the phone.  Lets just say he was ours for the taking.

With plenty of banter being thrown Dave’s way he proceeded to get in on the action and land a 30lb 4oz mirror just before breakfast. 19:15pm and he was away again, this time resulting in a 34lb mirror.  Dave fished all 3 rods at 26 Rl with his left hand rod towards the shower block, middle rod towards the eating area and his right hand rod towards the Stock Pond swim.

Monday morning and Dave caught a 37lb 12oz common from his middle rod aimed at the eating area.  He was putting the marker float on his middle spot then walking round to the point and baiting in a line with the throwing stick to cover all 3 areas.  Like clockwork Tuesday morning he received another take and after a scrappy fight he landed the Nude fish at 49lb 12oz.

4kg of mixed Hybrid and Cell boilies were introduced to the spot every day just before dinner along with a light scattering of our very own tigers.  Dave’s last fish of the week came on Wednesday, in the shape of a 31lb mirror.  IQ-D rigs with Banoffee wafters doing the damage for Dave.

Gary in Co’s Point had a nightmare with his gear deciding to die on him.  Its not the one getting all the way to France and your reels decide to pack up.  With fish showing long and armed with dodgy reels he just couldn’t get there.  But he kept his head up and stayed focused and managed to nick a 31lb mirror from 22 wraps towards the bald spot (and no I don’t mean barty’s head), well battled mate.

Lee in Pole Position was fishing at 26 wraps towards the middle of The Alamo and The Stink, but unfortunately lost a couple of fish in weed. He got off the mark on Thursday when he landed a 21lb+ mirror.

Tim had a productive week, taking 4 fish including Two Time at 56lb 8oz.  Tim was fishing to a clearing in the weed at 26RL and baiting with the ever faithful Hybrid boilie.

Peer was the man of the week though, who had what can only be described as dream session fishing 29 wraps out of The Alamo and into a strong head wind aiming at the tall tree to the left of The Beach.  Peer introduced 4kg of Hybrid boilies and a scattering of tiger nuts every day and fished 3 rods close together on one spot.

Peer got off the mark early into the week with a lovely 38lb mirror and the awesome Patched Fully at 46lb.  With what seems to be the bigger fish getting caught through the day, Peer was elated that his regular bite time was 3pm, and a slow take and a very heavy fish attached plodding in the depths was the 3pm bite on Tuesday.  Eventually in the net we could see for the second time in 2 weeks it was Fudgy’s, what a fish at just over 79lb.  Extremely well held sir.

Next up was the aptly known Two Time for the second time this week at 56lb 12oz.  Thursday afternoon another phone call from Peer with a big fish, and what a fish it was.  Split Pec, an awesome fish that rarely sees the bank weighing in at 61lb 8oz.  Peer took 4 more fish to round up his dream session including mirrors of 37lb and 46lb, along with commons of 28lb and 41lb.  Good angling buddy.

Martin found early form from The Beach, fishing at 70yards towards Big Southerly he landed mirrors of 27lb and 42lb.

Arron opted to fish the Tree Line, and despite the fish spending a lot of time in the trees he just couldn’t tempt them into feeding as they were more focused on sunbathing.  Eventually though Arron got a bite, which resulted in a 28lb mirror, good work lad.

Mike fished in Big Southerly and again kept plugging away topping up his area at 16.5RLwith Hybrid boilies and at last knockings on Saturday morning he received his reward in the shape of a 32lb common.  Just shows keep going till the end there’s always a chance.

Be Lucky,

Mike & Barty