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  • Gareth, 63lb 4oz, Treeline, 31.5.14
  • Steve Rocke, 51lb 14oz, The Stink, 31.5.14
  • Mike with a 30lb+ mirror
  • Barty with a stunning 32lb mirror
  • Mike with a pretty mirror
  • Barty, 34lb, Alcatraz, 31.5.14
  • 21.08lbs Co's 31.05.14
  • 31.00lb The stink 31.05.14

Gareth, 63lb 4oz, Treeline, 31.5.14


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/05/2014

With only five anglers on the Main Lake this week everyone was happy with their draws, Danny and Steve set up in the Stock Pond and Pole Position.  Robbie and Mike in the adjacent Oblivion and Big Girls, leaving Gareth to set up in the Tree Line swim.  This giving the inform “Barty” to continue on with his recent form in Alcatraz.  Mike opted for Co’s Point and the new bailiff Steve opting for The Stink.

With the carp only spawning a few days previously everyone played the cautious approach finding their spots and only baiting with a light scattering of baits, just looking to build their swims gradually and work their way into the week ahead.

It was early Monday morning that the first Gigantica carp of the week was hooked and landed and this fell to Mike in Co’s Point, who was fishing all three rods tight together at 28Rl to the bald spot.  His prize was a 30lb 8oz mirror, this was then followed half an hour later by another scaly 19lb 4oz mirror.  Both taken on the IQ ‘D’ rig and the Banoffee wafters over 3kg of Hybrid and a sprinkling of tigers. 

But Mike wasn’t the only person to be greeted by a brace of Gigantica carp that morning Barty, was at it again.  First fish was one he knows well, “Better off Dead” at 34lb 2oz.  This again was followed quickly by another mirror weighing 32lb 2oz.  Again 3kg of Hybrid boilies and a sprinkling of tigers proved the downfall of these two fish.  Fishing in conjunction with the new prototype barbless Krank hook and the new Dark Matter hooklink fished snowman style.

Monday afternoon with a few fish crashing first thing, Gareth in the tree line decided on a move to Big Southerly.     

The following morning at almost the same time as the previous day Mike was in again this time another mirror of 23lb 8oz was landed, again over 3kg of Hybrid and it was becoming clear that bite time was at first light. Again Barty at almost the same time hooked into and landed another fish, this one being a common of 34lb and a fish known as ‘Golden Eye’.

Wednesday morning at first light, and yes guess what as expected Mike is in again this time another mirror of 21lb 8oz taking him onto four fish for the week.  The ever faithful Hybrid and Banoffee wafter combo working its magic and fooling the Gigantica carp again.

With all the anglers sat down for dinner the clouds darkened and the winds whipped up as a storm was brewing.  Some heavy showers and high winds followed.  With this a French man appeared and started to communicate with Barty (somehow), it was clear he wanted him to go with him.  Being the brave man he is he followed with ‘Woody’ I may add.  It soon become clear a few of the anglers had to retrieve their bivvies from the field over the back of the Road Lake.  So Thank you Mr Frenchman.

With the storm passed and a fresher feel to the evening, hopefully a few more of the Gigantica carp would want a feed.

3:00am Thursday morning and the mobiles where ringing and the move for Gareth had paid off.  63lb 4oz of solid Gigantica carp lay in his net, this one was the awesome Roberts fish.  16.5RL fishing towards Alcatraz, again the three to four kilos of Hybrid doing the damage with a white pop up fished on a multi rig, awesome fish well done you Sir.

5:50am Steve in The Stink had a steady take 25RL fishing in between Baxters and The Beach, his first Gigantica carp was hooked.  After a hard powerful fight the fish was in the net and what a fish it was for his first fish, 51lb 14oz.  This one goes by the name of The Northern Scaly, a fish an angler can only dream about.  Half an hour later and another take followed by Steves second fish in the net, two fish in an hour is good going.  This fish weighed 31lb and this time a common.  Fishing a Banoffee wafter over Hybrid yet again doing the business, again the ever popular IQ ‘D’ rig doing the damage. 

The same morning Danny in Pole Position had a take which resulted in a 32lb mirror, fishing over a mixture of pellet and Hybrid boilie.  A very happy chap he was indeed.

This turned out to be the last of the Gigantica carp for this week and with the weather set to be hot next week lets see what happens then.

All the best

Steve, Mike & Barty