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  • Josh Cook, 71lb 14oz, Co's Point, 14.6.14
  • Dave Pennicote, 50lb, The Alamo, 14.6.14
  • Josh Cook, 40lb, Co's Point, 14.6.14
  • Josh Cook, 49lb 12oz, Co's Point, 14.6.14
  • Andy Phillips, 43lb 14oz, Pole Position, 14.06.14
  • Josh Cook, 49lb, Co's Point, 14.6.14
  • Andy Phillips, 33lb 4oz, Pole Position, 14.6.14
  • Dave Pennicote, 35lb, The Alamo, 14.6.14
  • Josh Cook, 37lb, Co's Point, 14.6.14
  • Andy with the Devil Fish!!
  • Dave Pennicote, 40lb, The Alamo, 14.6.14
  • Russ, 35lb 8oz, Big Girls, 14.6.14
  • Russ, 39lb 8oz, Big Girls, 14.6.14
  • 35.00lb common Pole 14.06.14
  • 35.00lb Common Alamo 14.06.14
  • 28.08lb common Co's 14.06.14
  • 27.06lb common Co's 14.6.14
  • 22.00lbs mirror Pole 14.06.14
  • 32.08lbs Alamo 14.6.14
  • 36.02lbs Alamo 14.6.14

Josh Cook, 71lb 14oz, Co's Point, 14.6.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/06/2014

With the weather set to be hot this week we had seven anglers arriving in expectation for a good weeks fishing on The Big ‘G’.

As the gates where opened at 1 o’clock, and yes Dave Pennicott that’s French time mate.  A few familiar faces seemed to greet us at the gate.  They where the lads from Hereford.

Steve would feel at home this week, as this is the little town he’s from.  Such a small world.  Andy, Mark, Tiny, and Welsh Russ along with Josh Cook who was back for his second trip of the season already and his Grandad Colin who came along for the crack.  These along with Sandro and last but not least Dave completed the line up for this week.

As the lads all stood around having the usual carpy chat most with a nice cold beer, several of the big lake fish decided to put on a bit of a welcome show and quite impressive it was to.  With those who decided to actually have a walk around with us and the draw done it was time to get set up and find there spots.

As Saturday evening came and dinner was over, there was only one thing on.  Yes it was England vs Italy in the football.  With it being a 12am kick off here most decided to go back to their swims bait up and all gather back at the lodge to watch the game.  But we will leave it at that.

First off the mark was Dave in The Alamo with a nice 35lb common, this was only the start though.  Dave fished really well all week and he was rewarded with an impressive thirteen fish catch, with the biggest being The Spotty Leather at 50lb 2oz, well done mate!  This was the followed by The Nude Fish at 46lb 8oz along with Alcatraz at 40lb and the Richmond Fish at 35lb 6oz, rather impressive if I do say so.  Dave fished at 29 wraps towards The Beach and Baxter’s baiting with Hybrid boilies and tigers twice a day either from the boat or by Spomb.  ‘D’ Rigs with Banoffee wafters doing the damage for Dave.

Josh Cook fishing in Co’s Point was here for his second visit of the year and his second stop off in Co’s.  Last time out Josh managed the impressive Fudgy’s and guess what, lightening really does strike twice.  As Tuesday lunch time Fudgy’s was laying in his net for the second time.  This time at a very healthy spawned out weight of 71lb 14oz and still looking mighty fine after spawning.  Josh went on to bank six fish, Pimple Tail at 49lb 12oz, Ziggy Startdust at 49lb and the Impressive Stone Acres at 40lb!  Josh fished at 28 and 29 wraps baiting with 30kg of Hybrid boilies and tigers throughout the week.

Now over to Andy in Pole Position and after hearing the good form of Pole Position of late, Andy banked six fish the best a 43lb 14oz mirror, along with a few pretty scaly fish including the Devil Fish.  Well done mate.  Andy fished 23.5 wraps towards The Stink, baiting with the ever-faithful Hybrid boilie and using ‘D’ rigs and Hybrid wafters, doing the damage for Andy.

Over in The Beach we had Sandro from Germany.  Sandro had to wait until Thursday to get his first take.  This resulted in a 30lb 8oz mirror and this was then followed shortly afterwards by a 30lb 2oz mirror.  Sandro fished at 23 Wraps towards Oblivion and baited with Hybrid boilies and pellet for his fish.

Finally and last but not least we had Russ in Big Girls.  Russ had two fish in one night, the best being 2 C’s at 39lb 8oz, a cracking fish and if this wasn’t enough Herberts was his second fish in the net, part of a double take good netting skills that man.  Russ baited lightly with Hybrid boilies and fished bottom baits over the top, which proved the downfall of these two carp.

Well that’s it for another week on the Big ‘G’, as the guys drove out the gate forHereford im sure I could see a little tear in Stevie’s eye.  It was another great week with lots of big fish and plenty of laughs.  See you when you return in the autumn fellas.

                 Be lucky Barty and Steve