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  • Simon with White Lines at 43.2lbs
  • The Strauss Family
  • Sam, 40lb, The Alamo, 21.6.14
  • David, 38lb, The Beach, 21.6.14
  • Simon Strauss, 33lb, Co's Point, 21.06.14
  • Barty with The Peach 36.14 mirror
  • Barty with The Decoy 27.06lb mirror
  • Barty, 36lb 2oz, The Stink, 21.6.14

Simon with White Lines at 43.2lbs


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 21/06/2014

Weather = Mediterranean 

Hot, hot and hot conditions welcomed the guys this week.  Good news is our carp's love a bit of sunshine.  Ten new faces on Gigantica this week, so a quick coffee and we had a stroll round the big blue "G".  Sure enough a few lumps popped their heads out on the way round to wet the appetite of the guests.

We ran through the rules then did what I have say was a strange draw, everybody doubling up (scared of the dark?).

Joe and Kieron chose Stock Pond and the on form Pole Position.  Kieron fishing at 23 1/2 wraps baited steadily with one of our boats for hire, and finished with three lovely scaly mirrors up to mid thirty.  The boys had travelled with the Strauss family who split into two other groups.  Adam and brother Sam fished The Alamo and fished it well using team work to help each bag PB's.  Fishing at 29wraps the boys also used a boat to bait up with Mainlines Hybrid boilies, hemp and tigers twice a day.  They caught consistently all week day and night, even resting the swim two afternoons completely.

Across in Co's Point was daddy, Simon Strauss and friend Clive.  Well I don't think I heard these two stop laughing all week in Co's.  Clive had twenties at the start and end of the week but had to sit and watch Simon steadily catch all week.  Again baiting regularly and fishing the 28 wrap spot, always a winner .

Over in the Beach we had some German guests Torsten and David.  Fortunately neither liked football.  Apparently there's a World Cup on, viva la France I say ....

Torsten got of the mark first with a mid twenty before David did the bizz with a nice 18kilo fish (40 pound in old money).  Torsten then caught another at the end of the week.

Barty dropped in The Stink and nicked four pretty scaly mirrors, all at a fifteen wrap spot taken on wafters fished KD style. 

It was another great week with lots of fish, lots of sun and a few pbs along the way.  Including a few of our stunning residences paying the lads a visit, White Lines and Snags Linear at 40lb's, and also the awesome looking Renes Linear. 

I'm sure we'll see you soon guys.


Be lucky Barty and Stevie