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  • Rowan Hill, 44lb 2oz, Alcatraz, 28.6.14
  • 24.06lb
  • Steve with The '43' at 56lb 2oz from Baxters in June 2014
  • Simon with a 55.12lbs mirror
  • Steve Rocke, 49lb 4oz, The Alamo, 28.6.14
  • Barty with a 37.10lb common
  • Steve, 47lb 2oz, Baxter's, 28.6.14
  • A 44.00lb common for Andy

Rowan Hill, 44lb 2oz, Alcatraz, 28.6.14


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/06/2014

Well Another week on Gigantica was here and what a rather wet welcome greeted the anglers this week.  That wet in fact the boys and girls where greeted with Noah and his arc sailing down the middle of the Big ‘G’.

With a rather wet walk and talk all done, everyone set about making head way to there swims after the draw avoiding the rain was not an option and meal time at 5pm everyone was rather happy to see a brake in the weather.

Around 4.20am on the Sunday morning the mobiles where ringing.  This only usually means one thing, ‘Big Fish’.  Simon in The Beach had a rather chunky mirror sulking in his landing net on our arrival.  What a fish it was, 54lb 12oz of solid Gigantica carp and what a start to the week.  Fishing with a light scattering of Hybrid boilies with a Hybrid wafter on the IQ ‘D’ rig at 17RL was enough to smash his PB well done mate.    

As the week went on the weather improved and the fishing improved with a total of 30 fish landed which included two different 50’s. 

Steve in Baxter’s had an afternoon to remember on Tuesday, first of all landing Roberts Fish at 56lb 2oz and then a few hours later landing‘The Clown’ at 47lb 2oz.  Steve fished at 18RL and baited with Hybrid boilies and tigers, he was rather happy to say the least.

Rowan decided to fish from Alcatraz and the awesome ‘The Long Fish’ was his reward for his hard efforts at 44lb 2oz along with another fish of 28lb.  Fishing with a mixture of Hybrid boiles and tigers at 22 RL did the job nicely.

With the opportunity to fish Co’s Point, Barty couldn’t resist.  Barty comes across to many as an angler that likes to fish short and at a comfy range of around 20RL, so watching him attempting to fish 28RL was interesting.  But in true Barty style he stepped up to the task as his 28RL spot was hit, and yes everyone heard about it.  Barty fished hard for Barty standards, baiting every evening with hemp, tigers and Hybrid boilies that earned him a very creditable nine fish catch with the best a 39lb 14oz mirror.  You just can’t teach it.

Gary and his wife Zue decided to fish Big Girls as both had never had much experience in fishing long range.  Working hard all week paid off as Gary was rewarded with two fish.  The first a 32lb 2oz mirror with the next a super common of 44lb that topped off a good week for Gary.  Gary fished at 18Rl along the euro tree line, where he baited with Hybrid boilies and fished a double hookbait over the top.

Last but not least bailiff Steve fished The Alamo swim.  Baiting at 29-30RL in between Baxters and The Beach with hemp, tigers and Hybrid boilies he had a total of fifteen fish for the week.  The best Ziggy Starburst at 49lb 4oz.  Also included in Steve’s catch was the stunning looking mirror named Mr. Chow at 37lb 4oz, as well as The Snags Linear at 39lb 10oz.  IQ ‘D’ Rigs along with Cell or Hybrid wafters helped Steve land his fish, except for two which he caught on 14ft zigs using black foam after a hatch in the lake on Tuesday evening.

A truly great start he is having to his Gigantica career and will surely take some beating if he’s to better this.

Well That’s yet another week been and gone on The Big G, where dose the time go?

Mikes away on Holiday at the moment enjoying a much needed rest.  Hope your having a great time mate.


Be Lucky


Barty and Steve