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  • Buzz, 66lb 14oz, The Alamo, 5.7.14
  • Liam witth Brutus @ 62.08lbs
  • Buzz, 52lb 8oz, The Alamo, 5.7.14
  • Woody, 46lb 8oz, Co's Point, 5.7.14
  • 45.14lb
  • Liam, 45lb 14oz, The Alamo, 5.7.14
  • Carter with Marcels at 44.00lb
  • Woody, 38lb 8oz, Co's Point, 5.7.14
  • Liam with a 32.08 lbs Mirror
  • Buzz, 31lb, The Alamo, 5.07.14
  • 22lbs common
  • 21.08lb from The Alamo

Buzz, 66lb 14oz, The Alamo, 5.7.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/07/2014

After a strange draw this week on the Big "G" the guys decided on Pole Position, Alcatraz, Co's Point and doubling up in The Alamo.  Normally we would advise against doubling up, but this tactic is working particularly well in The Alamo at the moment.

Buzz and Liam set about the 28 wrap spots using far margin swims as the marker points, Baxter's and The Beach. Catching steadily all week and mostly during the midday period both had very impressive pbs.

Buzz landed fish to 66lb 14oz, The Twin backed up with cracking fish including The Northern Scaly at 52lb 8oz.

Liam also had a new pb, Two Time at 62lb 8oz, The Nude Fish at 45lb 15oz and 30's and 20's to complete the perfect week.

Credit has to go to both for absolutely going the extra mile, baiting and casting tight to their spots, sometimes in horrible conditions.  Both used their own version of the IQ D rig with wafters and baiting heavily with Mainline Hybrid boilies and a scattering of hemp and tiger nuts, good skills guys.

Carter who is another regular visitor also got amongst the Gigantica lookers .... a cracking 44lb 2oz mirror being his best this week.  Carter cheekily put one left of Alcatraz in clear water, again not shy with the bait he nicked another mirror on his last morning.  His spot was only 19 3/4 wraps out so this made for easy baiting and casting.

His fishing buddy and Gigantica regular Woody also worked well moving around the lake to showing fish, starting with a common of 22lb 10oz, then 2 C's at 38lb 8oz and a cracking 46lb 4oz mirror.  All held well, and some cracking photos for our records also.  Woody went from fishing 28 RL to 30 RL from Co's Point.  Using the boats we have here with tight baiting gives the angler a real advantage, and then casting accurately after is the key .

My best advice at the moment would be to feed them well, the 2 to 3 kg of boilie a day per spot seems to be the key. They are big and hungry so feed'em.


Be lucky Barty and Steve