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  • RJ, 61lb 4oz, The Stink, 12.7.14

RJ, 61lb 4oz, The Stink, 12.7.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/07/2014

With team Korda Europe being on there best behaviors over the past year and hitting all there targets they were treated to a works trip to the Big G… 11 guys from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy were in high spirits as they walked in the gate and couldn’t wait to get started.

Sunday afternoon just hours before Germany would win the World Cup… the one we all wanted to see come out (as its been on the missing list for 4 years) slipped up… aptly named The German at a spawned out weight of 61lb 4oz from The Stink… RJ was one very happy man.

How can these fish go missing for so long but grow steadily through the years… this fish seems to be getting off the hook… as it had a couple of hook marks in its mush… doesn’t make it any easier when you know you’ve lost a good’un within the past month.

Korda Europe captain Maurice fished in Pole Position but after seeing a few fish in front of Stock Pond switched to the 21 RL spot towards Oblivion and quickly got in on the action landing a 33lb mirror and an 18lb common.

Lionel fished the Tree Line, his quiet stealthy approach suits this type of fishing.  With 3 spots baited along the tree line Lionel managed to catch 2 fish for the week a 35lb mirror and a cracking 38lb mirror.

French Frank fished in Co’s Point fishing straight out at the bald spot on the ever consistent 28 rl spot, Frank caught four fish from this area all mirrors weighing 62lb 4oz, 37lb 4oz, 30lb 8oz and a pretty 26lb 4oz carp.

David fished in Big Southerly fishing at 16.5 RL towards the lodge and managed to net stunning 33lb mirror fishing over a bed of Hybrid boilies, hemp and tigers.

Marco fished in The Alamo at 28rl aiming all 3 rods tightly towards The Beach, Marco fished extremely well all week and ended up with six fish including a stunning 31lb mirror and the awesome Mr Chow at 37lb.  On the last night Marco relieved us bailiffs of cooking duties to make his beautiful home made Chilli Con Carne… what a chef.

Be Lucky,

Mike, Steve & Barty