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  • Mike, 36lb, The Beach, 26.7.14
  • Stu, 38lb, Oblivion, 26.7.14
  • Mike, 30lb, Pole Position, 26.7.14
  • Jack with Bearded Lady at 54.00lbs
  • Mark, 38lb 8oz, Co's Point, 26.7.14
  • Ashley, 38lb, The Alamo, 26.7.14

Mike, 36lb, The Beach, 26.7.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/07/2014

Well another week begins over here on The Big ‘G’.  With the weather still unpredictable as ever.  Really hot some days with highs of 33 degrease then the next heavy rain, which results in massive drop in temperatures.  Needless to say the fishing has suffered a little, but another group of hopeful anglers are in and ready for some Gigantica carp.

With the draw all sorted the sky’s cleared and the feeling around the lake was good, everyone was set up in what seemed like double quick time this week and Mark in Co’s Point was out baiting up in the boat by 3pm spreading around 5kilo of CC More Equinox and a few handfuls of tigers around the 28rl spot.

Sunday morning at around 11am Mark received his first take and after a hard spirited battle a stunning mirror was in the net.  A quick look and it was clear which fish it was, a truly stunning carp by the name of ‘Mr Chow’.  On the scales she weighed 38lb 8oz, not bad for your first Gigantica carp.

Things slowed down for Mark some what but his efforts where soon rewarded as he managed to follow this up with a mirror known as the Survivor at a healthy 48lb 8oz, well done mate.

Next to mark in Big Southerly we had Jack.  Jack was fishing at 16.5rl towards the lodge, where he managed to catch the Bearded Lady at 54lbs.  Jack also managed another mirror weighing 33lb 8oz and he fished with a combo of tigers and Hybrid boilies, baiting with around 3-4 kilo a day and fishing a snowman style rig over the top, well done mate.

Over in The Alamo we had Ashley.  For the week he landed a total of four fish, with the best being a 42lb mirror along with two mid 20’s and a 30lb common.   Two of his fish where caught on critically balanced tiger nuts fished on a very short rig, something that is not very often used as a hookbait here for some reason but seemed to work well, as Ashley proved.  Ashley fished at 28rl towards Baxter’s for his four fish and baited twice a day with Hybrid boilies and tigers.

Next to Ashley in Oblivion we had Stu a grate bloke and what a great laugh he was all week.  Oblivion had been out of form of late and knowing this at the draw Stu was determined to put this write, and on Monday lunch time looking across from the lodge Stu was bent into an angry Gigantica carp.  After a hard battle his reward was netted and what a true gem it was as well.  Not the biggest of the Gigantica residence but certainly one of the lookers.  Equalled at 38lb, a truly stunning fish that anyone would be happy to catch. Well-done mate.

Stu then had another take Thursday morning resulting in a PB, this time Shoulders at 49lb 8oz.  Stu fished at 20rl towards Pole Position and baited with around 3 kilos a day made up of a mixture of hemp, tigers and Hybrid boilies.

Mike in the Pole Position fished well all week and was rewarded with a 30lb mirror.  Fishing at 23rl towards The Stink.  

Last but not least Mike the Bailiff decided to get the rods out and fish a couple of nights in The Beach.  Fishing 30rl towards The Alamo Mike caught two fish the first ‘Quasie’ at 39lb, then the awesome looking Wodka at 36lb.  Mike fished Banoffee wafters over 5-6kilo of Hybrid boilies to tempt his two fish.

Well another week passes us by lets just hope this weather sorts its self out and settles down.


In till next time


Mike and Steve