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  • Rob, 58lb 2oz, Alcatraz, 2.8.14
  • Ed, 52lb 8oz, Pole Position, 2.8.14
  • Rich Leatt, 45lb 6oz, Big Southerly, 2.8.14
  • James, 35lb, The Beach, 2.08.14
  • Ed, 42lb, Pole Position, 2.8.14
  • Rob with a 24lbs common

Rob, 58lb 2oz, Alcatraz, 2.8.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/08/2014

Another cracking Bunch of lads we had this week and some good quality fish where landed as always. 

Top of the tree this week we had Ed in Pole Position.  Fishing long at 32 rl towards The Alamo even in a strong cross wind Ed managed to hit the spots, looked very impressive.

It took Ed until Monday morning to receive his first take, the first a lovely looking 18lb 6oz mirror this was to be the start of it all as later that afternoon Ed had two bites in a matter of minutes the first a 19lb 14oz mirror again another cracking scaly mirror.  The second weeded him solid and after taking to the boat and being towed around the lake several times may I add, everyone eventually gathered in The Alamo.

After traveling across what seemed like three continents we eventually landed a 22lbs mirror, it may have only been small but as they say;  “Small as a mouse but with the hart of a Lion” this little chap really did scrap well.

That night Ed received his forth bite, which was to be a PB this time our old friend Ziggy Stardust at a very healthy weight of 52lb 8oz, this fish is really starting to get on the feed and is putting on the weight.

Then if that wasn’t enough his next take was to be a truly stunning fish, it could be argued that it could be one of the best looking fish in the lake, The Patch Fully.  At 42lb and looking mighty fine she was too.  A fish some people would dream about catching.

Not Far behind Ed we had Rob In Alcatraz, Rob had five fish for the week the best Mr. Angry at 58lb 2oz. Smashing his PB by several pounds, a real character of a fish that has not been out for a while and is really packing on the weight.

Robs other four fish consisted of mirrors of 27lb 6oz, 32lb, 37lb and a common at 24lb.

Rob fished all three rods at 30rl towards The Stink and baited with his own bait along with hemp and tigers, offering a snowman style rig over the top.

Next we had Rich Leatt in Big Southerly. Quiet a famous person we are led to believe in the motor cross world. Back in his day around 2003-05 he was racing at a very high standard but a bad accident ended his racing carrier.  So From there he took up carp fishing and I must say he isn’t to bad at that either.

Rich ended the week with four fish, 3x20’s to 28lb and another truly stunning fish in the name of Baby Black Eye at 45lb 6oz, another one of our awesome scaly residence.

Rich Fished two spots one at 16.5rl towards the green fence and at 25rl towards Pole Position, baiting with a mixture of Cell and Hybrid boilies either out of the boat or with the use of a throwing stick.  Rig wise a snowman style rig was enough to fool the fish for Rich.

Over in The Beach we had James.  James fished at 28rl towards The Alamo baiting with Solar Palatrax, Rich managed a lovely 35lb mirror.

In the stink this week we had Terry after losing his first fish at the net Terry got a bit disheartened, but continued to work hard and was rewarded with two cracking 20’s of 24lb and 23lb 6oz.  Fishing 25rl towards The Beach and 15rl towards The Tree Line.

Last but not least we had Paul who fished well all week he was rewarded with a 28lb 12oz mirror.  Baiting with Hybrid and tigers at 28rl.

The Snowman rig seems to be doing to business at the moment with either a green, white or pink topper, this method shouldn’t be ignored.   


See you soon


Steve and Mike