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  • Tom with Bottom Lobe at 46.12lbs
  • Lennie with the Big Bollox Common at 46.12lbs
  • Tom with a 46.12lbs mirror
  • Lennie with a 36.00lbs Common
  • Noel with a  35.00lbs mirror
  • Noel with a 27.14lbs mirror
  • steve with a 32.08lb common
  • steve with a 32.00lbs Mirror
  • Noel with a 27.14lbs Common
  • Noel with a 32.08lbs Mirror
  • 22.00lb mirror Pole 9.08.14
  • 34.00lb common The beach 9.8.14
  • 34.00lb Common The beach 9.8.14

Tom with Bottom Lobe at 46.12lbs


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/08/2014

We had Danny Grace’s party here this week on The Big “G” and I must say what a cracking bunch of lads they are  despite the awful weather, spirits where kept high all week and the banter was almost as good as their camera work.

Is it really August?  What a week weather-wise, heavy persistent rain and strong winds made life a little difficult.  But the group where still determined to catch some fish and have a good time.

Fishing out of Pole Position we had Noel.  Noel fished well all week fishing long at 33 and 35 wraps this was even more impressive to watch given the conditions.  But for his hard work, he was rewarded with five fish the best a 35lb mirror along with mirrors of 32lb 8oz and 27lb 14oz, as well as two commons of 27lb 14oz and 22lb.  Noel baited using the boat feeding a mixture of Hybrid and Cell boilies along with a scattering of hemp and tigers.  The boat and fishing at range definitely gave him an edge.

In Co’s Point this week we had Tom.  Tom fished at 28 wraps towards the double tree baiting with the Hybrid boilies, using around 20kilos in total for the week.  Tom caught four fish the biggest being Bottom Lobe at 46lb 12oz, in fact he had two fish at that weight both being mirrors.  The other two fish being a 36lb mirror and a little scaly one at 19lb 12oz.  This was Toms first trip and it didn’t take long for him to get into the swing of Gigantica.

Fishing in The Beach this week we had Lennie, a smashing chap that smashed his P.B three times during the week.   Firstly with a 36lb 8oz common followed shortly after by anther common this time weighing 38lb.  Then if that wasn’t enough he caught the Big Bollox Common at 46lb 10oz.  Lennie fished at 20Rl towards The Alamo baiting with a mixture of 18mm and 14mm Hybrid boilies using the boat.  Blowback rigs fished with Hybrid bottom baits and a fake peace of green corn doing the business for Lennie well done sir.

Other catches for the week included Drew in The Stink.  Fishing at 15 wraps towards The Tree line he had a stunning little 20lb mirror using the IQ D rig and Banoffee wafter combination.

Danny Grace fishing in The Alamo had a tough week fishing long into the wind.  But at last knockings he was rewarded with a lovely 35lb 10oz mirror.  Dan had made the effort all week, using his 'gilly' Drew for baiting up from the boat with Hybrid boilies (3kg) each afternoon.

And finally the Bailiffs managed to get a couple too.  First Steve fishing in Big Southerly managed two fish both at 32lb, a common and a mirror.  Fishing at 17Rl towards the green fence and fished with a Banoffee wafter on an IQ D rig over 3Kilo of Mainline Hybrid.  Finally back off his long awaited holiday Barty managed to sneak a bite out of the Stock Pond, Fishing at 22rl towards Oblivion he managed a mirror of 35lb.  Again on the IQ D rig and Banoffee wafter fished over a light scattering of Hybrid.

Well another week draws to an end, a few old faces back next week lets just hope the weather is on our side. 


See you soon be lucky


Steve and Barty