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  • Barty, 40lb 2oz, Baxter's, 16.8.14
  • Barty, 36lb, Baxter's, 16.8.14

Barty, 40lb 2oz, Baxter's, 16.8.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/08/2014

After a great end to last week with six fish on the last night, a good start was anticipated for Paisley and Broardy’s group.  Well more rain put pay to that idea and night temperatures down to a chilly 9 degrees.

The fast start was more of a splutter even with the carping Gods Smiffy and Jay Walters in two going swims, The Beach and Co’s Point no fish graced the banks.

Steve Broad’s face was a picture when he picked the number 10 ball on the draw.  He dropped into Oblivion and very easily found spots he was happy with.  Fishing 28 wraps out towards Alcatraz and to his left aiming towards the spit.  It didn’t take him long to net his first fish, a nice 28lb common.  Three more fish followed this the next morning a 20lb fully scaled, 35lbs and then a welcomed 42lb fish, both mirrors.

Known as "2 C’s", very well done sir and proof you don’t need to be first out of the draw.

First out of the draw was Jay Walters for the second year on the bounce (he was popular.) Jay opted for Co’s Point again, a swim that has been on fire all year.

I'll come back to Jay later.  

Big Steve Ball picked up Alcatraz for the second year and mirrored last year’s very successful tactics.  Two mirrors weighing 20lb and 38lb graced his net, fishing with Nash Squid boilies at 18 to 20 wraps.  Steve didn’t pile bait in at the beginning of the week instead opting keep a steady trickle of bait going in all week.

Our old friend Smiffy in The Beach had fish all over him all week, with nothing slipping up we wondered what he was doing wrong.  As it turned out nothing at all, with three slipping up at 20 wraps to Banoffee wafters on the faithful D rig over Hybrid boilies in a short morning spell.  24lb, 31lb and 32lb all mirrors being the end result.

Our own Barty came good with Golden Eye at 36lb, Digits at 40lb and another nice mirror at 40lb.  Fishing Baxter's at 19 and a half wraps to a clear area baiting using a throwing stick with 60 boilies per rod.  D rigs and Banoffee wafters working as well as ever.           

Back to Co’s Point and Jay Walters was still blanking, after catching well last year, going into the last night Jay was under pressure. 8hrs sleep was all he got much to the amusement of the group.           

It was another fabulous week with plenty of laughs; a few more fish would have been nice.  If there a two funnier carpers than Smiffy And Jay I have yet to meet them see you soon guys.


Be Lucky Barty, Steve and Mike