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  • Barty, 55lb 14oz, Baxter's, 30.8.14
  • Barty, 40lb 4oz, Baxter's, 30.8.14
  • Barty, 35lb, Baxter's, 30.8.14

Barty, 55lb 14oz, Baxter's, 30.8.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/08/2014

After the madness and fish slaying that was the Korda trip, we looked forward to a normal week and a few nice fish.

Well us bailiffs needed a rest but with no fish out Saturday night or any shows it was too quiet.  The breeze we had was straight into Big Girls where fish could also be seen just under the surface.  Surely “Richie Rich” was going to be first of the mark, it was the going swim the previous week.

We went into Sunday night full of anticipation, fish were showing along the Big Girls to The Stink bank and on the money over the Alamo… Come on!

Jeff on the money in Co’s at 29 wraps had lost one at first light and he was“gutted”. Then, Two Time at 55lb 14oz bizarrely came out of Baxters and she was in mint condition to the lucky Barty.  A size six Krank hook to a short Kamo hooklink at 19 wraps baited with a tiger did the business.  He baited tightly with 20 spombs over his spots where he fished all 3 rods.

Fish still boshed until lunchtime along the far side infront of Alamo and upwards towards Big Southerly… it must happen surely.

Tuesday morning and after a sleepless night to our “boshing” carp something must of happened… it was Baxters and Barty again.  The Grey Plated at 40lb 4oz, Barty had nicked another one from the same spot using the same tactics… a stunning scaley creature as many of our carp are.

Back in Co's Point lightning struck twice with Jeff having another hook pull mid morning.

More showing but no action followed until Thursday… shortly before first light takes happened simultaneously at opposite sides of the lake and Shaun Young was into a decent kipper.  He chose to fish shorter than people usually fish on the right hand margin going 12 ¼ wraps.  After a nerve racking tussle a gem “Fred” (in my opinion one of the best looking carp in French fishing) was netted… 50lb on the nail.  Shaun had spent some time finding his spot and Spombed lightly over the top, a pink washed out fooling Fred.  The lake was left buzzing.

The other side of the lake in Stock Pond Barty had the resident at 35lb a miniature version of Fred, fishing 21 wraps straight out at Oblivion using the same tactics as before.

Jay in Big Southerly had two dropped takes at 25 wraps using Hybrid boilies and tiger nuts, bad luck after your hard work.

Going into Friday eve Big Gaz in Alamo decided to move just as it was getting dark as he had seen fish topping in the Tree Line… his move paid off handsomely with 2 fish at dawn both 37lb, Baby Black Eye and a mint common, great awareness and watercraft big man.  Gary fished along the tree line using N-Trap Soft to a size four Krank hook with a Banoffee wafter over Hybrid and Cell boilies.

It was a slow week capture wise, but seeing Fred and Two Time out in perfect condition showed us why we love Gigantica.

Tight lines, be lucky.

Barty & Steve