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  • DF, 40lb 8oz, Scottie's Corner, 6.9.14
  • Baz, 45lb, The Alamo, 6.9.14
  • Jerry's 30lb mirror
  • Chris with Black eye 37lbs

DF, 40lb 8oz, Scottie's Corner, 6.9.14


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/09/2014

Sat Night/Sunday

Winds light N or NW calm at night

28 deg day and 20 night

Fish show all over the lake once it gets dark, especially on the pole/alcatraz side of the lake, yet no bites come. Super high pressure and foggy on the first morning of the week and the lack of bites reflected that. Just Danny F gets a chance in Baxters, his familiar 21rl spot left and right of stink swim, balanced tigers on an iq d rig, 7.30am out of the blue but the fish bumps off on the bite, a turned over size 4 kurv suggests hitting a boney bit of mouth, not a good start for DF.

Sunday Night/Monday

V light NE winds, calm at night

28 deg day 18 deg night

The hot weather and zero wind keeps loads of fish in the trees so DF moves to Tree Line to rest baxters and get on a number of fish. He is in again at 7am, all 3 rods at 20.5 rl off tip of fallen tree, super clean area all balanced tigers on protoype combi rigs over a sprinkling of tigers. Jason's Fish is landed at 30lbs 8oz a super clean male fish. Fish continue to show off the fallen tree yet no more bites materialise.

Lee in Big Girls sadly looses a fish to a cut off in the weed at 6am from the super clear 21rl spot casting at the reeds just short of the spit.

The fish are now showing in first few hours of light from Scotties all the way up to Big Girls, particularly in Stink and Alamo at 100+ yards. Baz in Alamo is sure to get one soon.

Monday Night/Tuesday

Light and variable winds turning stronger NE into Alcatraz

23 day 15 night

Baz in Alamo got his reward for not baiting up with the mighty Patched Fully at 45lbs, a new pb for regular Baz and thoroughly deserved! Interestingly he put 3kg a night in the first two nights with no bites so didn't put a thing in for the third night and had a bite, a great bit of angling as many people bait up every day whether they have had a bite or not and we are convinced they are often putting bait on top of bait, never giving the fish a chance to eat through to the hookbaits. Fish stay in the Tree Line for another day and DF kicks himself for moving back to baxters as nothing happens there. Elsewhere Jerry on Co's continues to see fish on and near his 28rl spot but fails to get a bite. Fish continue to show heavily from big southerly right up to oblivion as they back up off the now cold NE wind.

Tuesday Night/Wednesday

Brisk NE wind day and night

23 day 11 night

With Full Moon tonight all anglers were full of anticipation, yet the carp who normally respond to the full moon had other ideas and no bites came. The shows at night continue all over the lake especially in Scotties and Big Southerly. Chris Paschmanns from Korda Germany moves into Big S and can't believe he doesn't catch one. 'These carp are making a fool of me' he proclaims after a night of no sleep and 100 shows!

Wednesday Night/Thursday

Wind brisk NE day and night

21 day 10 night! The cold air has arrived!

DF moves to Scotties and fishes Jake Widlbore's 17rl spot just off weed at side of Co's after seeing loads show there in the day, the water there is really smoked up where it's clear in the margins round the rest of the lake a tell tale sign the carp are feeding there! His middle rod at 17rl produces the amazing Cheese at 40lbs 8oz at midnight, balanced tigers on an iq d rig incorporating a size 2 Krank barbless does the job, he says 'they were black in my bay from just before dark and according to Jerry on Co's had been here from some time. I couldn't sleep with all the shows and liners despite my super slack lines. Once I landed the fish the shows stopped totally, it was uncanny!' Chris P had his first Gigantica carp in the shape of Black Eye at 37lbs at 6 30am on his left rod 10yds out and slightly left in Big S, he baited more heavily than the first night which clearly worked!

Jerry on Co's caught an absolute stunner of a carp we named 'Sven' becasue DF and Kevin from Korda Holland were talking about Techno legend Sven Vath as they set up the pictures. The fish was much prettier than Sven but was defo a male so we couldn't call in Nina after Nina Kravitz, another of Kevins clubbing photo subjects, it's a tough life Kev! The fish goes 30lbs bang on, another new scaly 30, these fish are so unique just one like this can make your week and Jerry is over the moon. The old faithful Banoffee wafter over hybrid did the trick with an 8" Combi rig and lead clip set up at 28 rl. So three bites in a night and loads of fish still showing all down the Alamo side of the lake off the back of the cold NE wind.

Thursday Night/Friday

DF kicks himself again for staying in Scotties as the fish defo left there after the bite. They show strong on the Beech side of the lake in the dark having moved out of Scotties and Big S, the first time this has happened all week. They are not in the Tree Line as the temps are too low and show less in Stink and Alamo at first light.

Friday Night/Saturday

Brisk NE wind day and night

25 day 15 night, the cold air is gone despite the wind not changing direction and the fish respond!

DF moves back to Baxters having baited it with 20 spombs of hemp and 9 of tigers every night whether he fished it or not and hopes for a last night reward for his 4th move of the week. It's Chris in Beech in first at 4am with a fish we shall call 'C for Chris' on account of the huge C scale and the captor, 29lbs the weight and Chris's first carp from Gigantica. Extremely well done to Chris who fished well and stayed on his 20rl spot at alamo all week, many anglers falter and move spots much to our dismay, not Chris, his resolve was unrelenting and not baiting up on the last night defo helped his chances. Then after a night of almost no sleep on account of '1 Million Shows' in Baxters DF bags the mighty Shoulders at 51lbs 12oz at 7am when all seemed lost. Clearly this is the feeding time at the moment as so many bites came around this hour. Balaned tigers on d rig with a size 2 kurv doesn the bus, he says 'don't be afraid to use large hooks here, especially with stiff Hooklinks and Balaned bottom baits, it is such an aggressive set up'.


So that's how it stayed, a tough week on account of the constant E or NE wind that the fish defo backed up off, only when angling flushed them out of Scotties and Big S did bites come around the pond. They were defo locked into Scotties and Big S for the first 4 days as no one fished them, hence the slow start round the rest of the lake. If someone had gone in there from the start then it may have fished better.


A great bunch of lads who all understand it can't fish it's head off every week and an East wind and clear skies kills most waters. They will all be back as they have the right mind set for the lake, the want special fish from a proper water!