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  • White lines 51.04lbs

White lines 51.04lbs


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/09/2014

As the lads arrive to a rather warm and pleasant day a big Gigantica mirror rolled off the shallow area towards the point. 

Saturday night there where loads of fish crashing like crazy all around the lake and it was clear that a lot of fish where in Big Girls and around that area.  Around 8am Sunday morning Russ in Big Girls had a slow steady take on his rod fished at 21Rl towards the Stock Pond swim but unfortunately for him the hook pulled about 20 yards out. 

Then again at almost to the minute on Monday morning the same rod was away.  This time the result a 39lb 6oz mirror, that certainly made up for the hook pull the morning before.  Caught using a balanced hookbait on a blowback rig fished over a scattering of Hybrid boilies and a handful of tiger nuts.

Then on Tuesday morning Steve the bailiff received a take whilst fishing in Pole Position at 29RL towards The Stink, and after thinking it was a bream it become clear it wasn’t when it came to the net and went on a 30 yard run.  In the net it was clear which fish it was.  White Lines at 51lb 10oz and the first time this fish has been over 50lbs as well.  Caught on a double balanced tiger nut hook bait soaked in Pineapple Goo fished on a short IQ ‘D’ Rig over a 3kg mix of hemp, tigers and Hybrid boilies.

Ian in The Alamo had a take and got cut off at 5am fishing at 26RL towards The Beach.  Also to receive another take was Russ in Big Girls again the 21RL spot towards the Stock Pond swim was away, this time a 30lb common was his reward.  

The next bite again came to Ian in The Alamo, a hard battle resulted in The Long Fish at bang on 50lb.  Again another Gigantica carp to have gone 50lb for the first time.  The 26 RL spot seemed to be rocking now as fish where showing all the time over this area.  Ian was fishing a double tiger nut hookbait on a combi rig fished over 5 kilo of chopped Hybrid boilies and tiger nuts.

The fish are showing all over at the moment surely its only a matter of time before they get their heads down and get on the munch.


See you soon