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  • Andy, 73lb, The Alamo, 11.10.14
  • Andy, 62lb, The Alamo, 11.10.14
  • Gav, 48lb, Alcatraz, 11.10.14
  • Chris, 45lb 8oz, Oblivion, 11.10.14
  • Andy, 46lb, The Alamo, 11.10.14
  • Wayne, 36lb, The Alamo, 11.10.14
  • A scaly 27.08lb mirror
  • Chris with a 28.00lb mirror
  • Rich with Black Eye!
  • A little 18.08lb mirror for Rich

Andy, 73lb, The Alamo, 11.10.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/10/2014

Water temp - 17 degrees. 


Apart from a group of 3 lads on the Road Lake this week the rest of the complex was a complex booking for Roger Hind (Bullet).

Saturday night and one fish came out, that fell to bailiff Steve.  After deciding to drop into Big Girls for a night.  Fishing the short spot at 6RL into the corner produced a mint little common of 24lb.  Baiting with four pouches of boilies and two pouches of tiger nuts was all that was needed to get a quick bite at around midnight on Saturday.  Caught on a IQ ‘D’ rig and a double balanced tiger nut hookbait soaked in Pineapple Goo was the tactic. 

The next bite then came on Monday morning after deciding on a move from the Tree Line, Rich moved into Big Girls and was soon rewarded with a 38lb 12oz mirror going by the name of Black Eye, fishing at 21RL towards the Stock Pond swim.  Walking around to the shallow area and baiting with a mixture of boilie and tiger nuts and fishing double tiger nut hookbait on a combi rig.   Rich followed this up on Wednesday morning with a little 18lb 8oz common again at 21RL towards the Stock Pond.

Chris in Oblivion had a take Wednesday lunchtime and after losing a fish in the early hours was rewarded with a chunky mirror known as The Clean Fish, weighing 45lb 8oz.  Along with this for the week Chris had a scaly 28lb mirror.   He fished at 23RL towards Baxter’s and baited with Hybrid boiles, using around 20kg for the week.  A snowman hookbait fished on a blowback rig was the rig of choice.

Gav fishing in Alcatraz managed to find a nice little hard spot at 26 RL towards The Stink.  On Wednesday morning Gav received a take that resulted in the Lippy Common at 48lb, a nice reward for spending time to find his spot.  Baiting with a mixture of Cell and Hybrid then fishing a balanced hookbait over the top.

Fishing in Pole Position this week we had Lee.  After a bad accident at work Lee decided this would be his best choice, not only because it commands a lot of water but for the convince of being near the lodge.  Lee fished at 28.5RL towards The Stink and fished all 3 rods tight on this spot.  His reward for his work was a 28lb mirror.

And finally over to The Alamo.  What a week Andy and Wayne had, 12 bites between them and a new lake record common.  The Immaculate at a massive 73lb fell to Andy on Saturday morning, and if that wasn’t enough a short while later he had Two Time at 62lb, what a brace.  Along with these he managed a stunner by the name of a Apple Slices at 46lb and Snags Linear at 41lb 2oz.  A week to remember thats for sure.  After losing a few fish due to hook pulls Wayne managed a couple too.  Both mirrors weighing 36lb and 28lb. Both Andy and Wayne fished on a clear area created by raking the weed Saturday morning at 20RL and then baiting heavily with boilie seemed to keep the carp feeding on the area all week.

Well what a week, 24 bites but unfortunately 13 fish lost mainly to hook pulls.  You have got to be using big hooks and at least a size four. Fishing a very tight clutch so hardly any line can be taken on the take will help also to set that hook, along with playing them hard.  

With the surprise of two new 70’s coming out in the last two weeks, along with Two Time going 60lb for the first time who knows what other surprises we might have in the coming months.                          


See you soon