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  • Bernd with Brutus at 70lbs
  • Bernd with Discus at 66.8lbs
  • Bernd Hahne, 53lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 8.11.14
  • Buzz, 46lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 8.11.14
  • Kojac with a 25lbs common

Bernd with Brutus at 70lbs


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/11/2014


Water temperature was 13 degrees at the start of the week going down to 11 degrees towards the end of the week.  Still mild for this time of the year.  We have had sunny days to 14 degrees and down to 6 degrees at night.   

Fishing was a bit slow at the start of the week, fish were showing all over the lake at night but no takes.  First fish out was Tuesday morning at 5am for Buzz the bailiff with a nice mirror called Baby Single Scale at 46lb 8oz.  He was fishing in Stock Pond at 23 rod lengths straight out in front of Oblivion.  He was using the Gigantica wafters on a Fluorocarbon hooklink with a size 4 Krank hook. 

At the same time he could see Bernd Hahne in Big Southerly with his head touch on, ten minuets later his mate Chris comes round saying Bernd has a big fish in the net so Buzz went round and he looks into the net and wow that’s a big fish mate.  70lb on the nose and a fish called Brutus.  It has put about 6lb on since August, a massive well done mate.  

Only one hour later Buzz gets a call and its Bernd again with another big fish.  This time The Scar at 53lb 8oz, a nice mornings work If I do say so myself.  Bernd was fishing at eight rod lengths towards Co.’s Point and 15 wraps towards the lodge using his own fishmeal boilies to very good effect.

Alan in Alcatraz had a take that night but unfortunately he lost that fish at the net, he was fishing 17 rod lengths towards Co’s Point.

Then Kojac in Oblivion had a take on his left hand rod, which was fishing towards the point at 20 rod lengths but unfortunately he lost that down to his left hand side, so the takes are starting to come.

Then Bernd in Big Southerly calls again "I’ve got another big fish in the net".   He’s only got Discuss this time at 66lb 8oz.   Bernd caught that at 15 rod lengths towards the lodge on the far bank using just boilies, not a bad 24 hours.   All mirrors at; 53lb 8oz, 66lb 8oz and 70lb.   That why people come to Gigantica Lake. 

Thursday morning Kojac called, "can you do me a photo".  A nice 25lb common was in the net and he was well pleased.  This was his right hand rod fished up the margin at eight rod lengths where they had been crashing all night.

Well what a great bunch of lads and a great week, the fish are putting a few pounds on this year and the fish are getting bigger and bigger all the time, with another new 70lb for Gigantica.  What carp is going to be the next 70lb or 80lb'er?

I would just like to say a big thanks to all the lads that fished Gigantica this week and hope to see you all soon.


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