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  • Tony, 83lb, Stock Pond, 25.10.14
  • Craig with a 27.00lb Mirror

Tony, 83lb, Stock Pond, 25.10.14


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/10/2014


Water temperature was a steady 14 degrees this week.  A rather warm week again considering the time of year, highs of 20 degrees in the day and dropping down to 6-7 degrees at night.

For the first five days a very strong south easterly wind was blowing, switching to a much more pleasant westerly by Thursday afternoon. The odd shower Monday and Tuesday night but overall a very pleasant week.

A very slow week all around with only 2 fish caught.  With the weather still so mild I’m convinced they are still feeding on naturals as the fish that are getting caught are all up in weight and are really looking at their best.

First of the two fish this week fell to Craig, a really nice guy who was prepared to move to the Tree Line after staring in Baxter’s.  After hearing a few fish crash along the Tree Line late on Wednesday evening Craig decided on a move first thing Thursday morning, and on his first night he was rewarded with a very Pretty mirror of 27lb.  Fishing at 17 RL towards the dead tree and using a snowman hookbait set up on a semi-stiff hooklink.

Then at first light on Saturday morning after all the speculation and guessing for over 4 months of how big she was the long awaited Fudgy’s made a very welcome appearance.  At a massive 83lb, and looking amazing in her autumn colours.  She slipped up to the very grateful Tony who was speechless at just how big she really was.  Caught at 23 RL out of The Stock Pond towards Oblivion and on a single Wafter was all that was needed to catch this truly awesome carp.  A truly great moment for Tony and a great moment for Gigantica Lake. 

The pictures really show how big she was, and when she was safely retuned the width of her was just incredible.                 

Well in general a really slow week, but seeing the mighty Fudgy’s on Saturday morning sent everyone home with a big smile and wanting to return next year to try catch a fish of a lifetime just like Tony managed to do.  A massive well done to you mate from us all here at Gigantica and at Korda.


Hope to see you all soon,