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  • Thomas, 71lb, Treeline, 15.11.14
  • Thomas, 71lb, Treeline, 15.11.14
  • Buzz, 36lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 15.11.14

Thomas, 71lb, Treeline, 15.11.14


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/11/2014


Water temperature was 10 degrees all week, weather was sunny and over cast light rain some days not to bad for this time of year, day time temperature was 10 degrees going down to 4 degrees at night.

Fishing was slow at the start of the week; only Buzz the bailiff had a bite at 12.30am Monday morning with a nice scaly mirror called Little Plated at 36lb 8oz.

He was fishing Stock Pond at 13 rod lengths to the right had margin at the bottom of the drop off, fishing in 24ft of water he was using a Gigantica Banoffee wafter soaked in Almond Goo fished on a fluorocarbon D rig.

Ian was fishing in Baxter’s, there were fishing crashing in there most nights but was unable to catch one so he moved into Co’s Point for the next 2 days but unfortunately did not catch out of there. 

As for Adam his dad Simon and Jo, his mate, didn’t catch.   It’s been a difficult week that is for sure. 

Thomas was fishing in Big Southerly and Martin his friend was fishing in The Stink.   Thomas decided to move for the last night into the Tree line, and Martian moved into The Beach for his last night also.

At 6.30am Saturday Steve gets a phone call from Thomas.   "can you come round I have a big fish in the net".  So Steve and Buzz go round there to weigh the fish and boom, 71lb's of Gigantica carp.   Steve says this fish is called Galaxy and the last time it was out was in August 2014 at 63lb.  Thomas was shouting "yes, that’s my new PB".  So you never know what you might catch here at Gigantica.

Steve and Buzz put the fish into the recovery sling and back into the water then tells Thomas time for some photos.  Thomas was fishing tight to the Tree Line half way along the bank, he was baiting with a hand full of his own boilies. 

Just to sum up then for the week, only 2 fish out and it has been a hard week for sure.  But it always goes to show that perseverance pays off, a 71lb carp this week; one 70lb, 66lb 8oz and a 53lb 8oz last week and 83lb the week before.  The big fish do come out in the winter but its not easy. 

Well what a great bunch of lads we had again this week, and a big well done to Thomas with his new PB the Galaxy at 71lb.

Steve believes we have at least 10 fish over 70lb at the moment, plus a couple that could be very close, truly amazing.   


Hope to see you all soon,


Tight lines Buzz and Steve