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  • Unknown 43lb.
  • Sasquatch 39lb.

Unknown 43lb.


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Nick the Greek had a 35lber off Co's and lost one at about 120 yards and our little star Rigadon aka Sleepy Neil slid into The Tree Line for 5 nights and caught a stunning 39 named Sasquatch and 43 we have not yet identified fishing about 60 yards straight out away from the trees. CELL and indian Spice doing the business, if it aint broke dont fix it.

Ian Stott returned for his 3rd week in less than a year and blanked in The Beech! Accomplished swim hogger Ian who is considered one of the best anglers in his remote village in East Anglia had a mare of a week, we all now how you feel Mr Stott! Stotties a mate so i'm sure he will enjoy the micky taking but in all seriousness our experinces at Gigantica have taught us that there is a very fixed winning method when fishing in open water, fish all 3 rods at the same range about a rod length apart, feed 2-10kg boilies on day 1 and keep feeding between 2 and 5kg a day until the bites start coming, if nothing happends for 3 days the fish are probably not on you, stop baiting until you start catching, Ian kept baiting no matter what and simply overfed his swim. He put in over 10kg on the last night after a week of no bites, crazy! if you are going with lots of bait, consider the time of year and always start with a big bed, dont end with one.

Also Ian purchased his CELL from a rolling service not from us or Mainline, for some reason bait rolled by Mainline is better than dry mix made and rolled by bait firms, we have experinced this fist hand and cant explain why it is. you have been warned!