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  • Andy Reynolds, 33lb, Pole Position, 1.3.15
  • max 35lb
  • pete 37lb mirror
  • andys crew
  • Andys week
  • Ivan with his 33lb common
  • iQ D rig with 3 slow sinking IB maize
  • andy's `Tiger Nut D rig

Andy Reynolds, 33lb, Pole Position, 1.3.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/03/2015

February / March round up

March was a very strange month weather wise started off with very strong northerly winds some night’s gusts of up to 60mph made Gigantica feel like it was situated in the arctic and not in eastern France.  Water temperature stayed constant at 6 degrees, we had it all sub zero temperatures with lows down to -6 but come the end of the month we had a few days where the sun really shone with warm spring days and temperatures as high as 19 degrees.

The first fish to grace the banks was caught by Steve the bailiff fishing 28rl out of Pole Position with a common weighing 31lb, caught at 6am on Wednesday 25th February.  Fishing over a small amount of our Gigantica partical mix, 3 pieces of slow sinking maize on a IQ D rig and his first carp of the year.  His second fish of the year came on Sunday 1st March, fishing 13.5rl out of the Stock Pond swim again fishing over a small amount of our Gigantica partical mix and also 3 pieces of slow sinking maze on a IQ D rig, this time a 26lb heavily scaled mirror was his reward in the net.  As the sun began to shine it was looking good for a few zig caught fish with flat calm conditions.

Tosh fishing out of Alcatraz had a take on a 16.5 foot zig and black foam but unfortunately lost it to a hook pull.  It was then at 2am on the Wednesday the 11th March Ivan in The Alamo had a take again on a 16.5ft zig and a small piece of cork soaked in Squid Goo fooled a common weighing 31lb.  Then on Thursday morning, Max in The Stink had a take fishing 11.5 rl towards CO's Point, caught using a small solid bag filled with crumbed boilie and a small white pop up earned him a stunning common weighing 35lb.

Then on Thursday 19th March, one of our regular visitors and a true character Peter Regan caught his first Gigantica carp fishing in The tree Line and tight into the snags, Pete received a big drop back just on dark and was soon connected to a powerful fish that tried to find sanctuary in the snags.  But with a bit of gentle persuading and what he will call pure skill, managed to tame a rather angry mirror weighing 37lb in to the net.  Pete fished small maize hook bait over a small amount of free offerings on a very short 2 inch hook link.  A fish that he's worked very hard for during his last few visits with us, and thoroughly deserved mate well done.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning the 2nd April at 6.30am that Andy had a drop back on his middle rod.  The hanger hit the deck and as he wound down the line tightened up and he was into one of those elusive Gigantica carp.  It weeded him up at first but he kept a tight line and the carp came out of the weed, as it came near his other rods it some how wiped out his two other rods then as it went into the net there was a big cheer.  There it was, a common of 33lb that’s why this fish is now called Wipe Out.  This was an unrecognized carp and Andy was fishing 13 rod lengths straight out inline with the electric box on the far bank.   He was using N-Trap Soft tied D rig style with a size 4 Wide Gape barbless hook and a balanced tiger nut fished over a bed of are Gigantica particle mix, which you can buy on site.

Well that’s the end of March, when is this warm weather going to come?  Lets hope April will be a warmer month, this time last year we were all in are shorts and t-shirts already.

Tight lines.