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  • Matt, 36lb, Big Southerly, 11.4.15
  • Matt, 36lb, Big Southerly, 11.4.15
  • the rig that trapped mad max
  • mark in the tree line with a 23lbs mirror
  • marks size 6 Ntrap rig
  • mark 29lbs mirror
  • marks flurocarbon rig

Matt, 36lb, Big Southerly, 11.4.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/04/2015

On Sunday it was Mark in The Tree Line that had the first take at 7am which turned out to be a nice mirror weighing 29lb 14oz, fishing just to the right hand side of the fallen tree which he baited up with 1/2 kilo of Mainline Hybrid boilies and he was using a single Hybrid wafter on a N-Trap Soft hook link at 10 inches long with a size 6 Korda Kurv hook.

It was over cast until midday when the sun come out and temperatures went up to 16 degrees today.  Wind was coming from the west and the lake temperature was at 10 degrees.

Monday and another nice sunny day, with temperatures up to 20 degrees and a slight wind coming from the east there were lots of fish showing in the middle of the lake at first light.

Tuesday and Mark called me again at 7am saying "Ive got one", so I went round and he had a nice 23lb 8oz mirror in the net.  He had it off of the tree line on a single Hybrid wafter on a fluorocarbon hook link with a size 6 Korda Kurv hook, which he put about 50 Hybrid boilies around it, so it seems to be paying to bait little and often. 
The temperature was going up to 24 degrees today with a slight easterly wind.

Wednesday and the sun was up and todays temperature was going up to 26 degrees, another sunny and hot day.  Thats what we need to get the temperature of the lake up.  It's now at 13 degrees going up about 1 degree a day and the carp have been crashing like mad all over the lake this morning.  Someone is going catch a lump and tomorrow is big fish Thursday. 

Thursday and Matt in big southerly was off the mark with Mad Max at 36lb, fishing only 8 rod lengths out he was using a silty coloured hook link of 8 inches with 1 inch stripped back on a size 6 Wide Gape hook and a 14mm white pop up with Nut Mix boilies all from Obsession Carp Baits.  He was usingthis along side our Gigantica particle mix which he was baiting up about 1 kilo over each rod.
Weather was overcast today and the temperature was at 20 degrees with a slight wind which was coming from the west.  Water temperature was up to 14 degrees day.

Friday and it started off over cast today with the temperature up to 18 degrees and it felt very muggy today, but it looks really good for a bite or two.  Again at first light the fish were crashing all over the lake there was a slight wind coming from the east, and we had a few showers through out the day, lake temperature was still at 14 degrees.

The lake is starting to wake up now for sure.

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