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  • Steve Rocke, 46lb, Pole Position, 18.4.15
  • Dan, 46lb 8oz, Treeline, 18.4.15
  • Dan, 46lb, Treeline, 18.4.15
  • dans tiger nut rig
  • Dan, 30lb 14oz, Treeline, 18.4.15
  • Steve Rocke, 49lb, Pole Position, 18.4.15

Steve Rocke, 46lb, Pole Position, 18.4.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/04/2015

Well would you believe we are over a quarter of the way through the year already.  With the weather continuing to stay warm surly summer is on its way.  Gigantica is waking up more and more each day and the fish are becoming much more active day and night.

With a rather nice spring feel this week a maximum temperature of twenty-five degrees was recorded Wednesday afternoon and night temperatures averaged around six.  A strong south easterly greeted the anglers Saturday afternoon and conditions looked good. 

First off to a flier this week was Dan in the Tree Line, his first bite coming within hours of putting his rods out.  Fishing tight to the trees at 13RL he landed a fish that goes by the name of 2 C’s and weighing a very healthy 46lb and looked stunning.  A new PB for Dan and within hours of arriving, not a bad start to say the least.  Then just as we where doing the photos his right hand rod was away this time a hard scrappy fight resulted in Kling-On at 30lb 14oz, two fish in a matter of minutes.  Fishing off the end of the dead tree at 17RL both fish where caught on a double tiger nut hookbait on a short 6 inch combi rig over a small amount of our Gigantica particle mix and a few chopped up boilies for good measure.  Two PB’s before dark on Saturday night what a start.

Sunday night past with no action a slight drop in temperature maybe and a strong easterly wind defiantly didn’t help.  But come the afternoon the wind had dropped and the temperature had started to rise.

At almost the same time as Saturday evening around 7pm Dan in the Tree Line was in.  Again on his left hand rod fishing at 13RL tight to the trees. Fishing the exact same tactics that caught him 2 C’s the previous evening, this time again another solid chunky mirror rolled into the net - The Clean Fish at 46lb 8oz, again another PB for Dan and the smile on his face says it all.  Three fish by Sunday evening and three PB’s already a session he will never forget.

The next few days past uneventful for everyone but it wasn’t through a lack of trying.  Fish could be seen crashing all over the lake between the hours of five and seven in the morning and again into dusk.

Wednesday morning came and just before dawn Dan in the Tree Line had his forth take of the week, which resulted in a 27lbs mirror.  Fishing at 11.5RL into a small gap again on his short tiger nut rig which was constructed using a size 6 Kurv shank and N-Trap Soft hooklink fished over a small amount of hemp and tiger nuts, which rounded off his week nicely.

Friday morning and Steve fishing in Pole Position had several bleeps on his 21ft zig fished at 30RL towards The Stink and after a hairy few moments and with a little help from Ben a solid mirror by the name of Baby Cluster was safely in the net.  Weighing in at 46lb 10oz and looking amazing.  Steve was fishing a small piece of black foam on a size 10 Mixa hook and a 9lb N-Gauge hook link.

Well thats it for another week here on the Big G, lets hope this nice weather continues and the Gigantica carp start getting their heads down and get on the feed.

See you all soon.