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  • Danny Armitage, 77lb, The Alamo, 25.4.15
  • Adrian Whitney, 61lb, The Stink, 25.4.15
  • Danny Armitage, 50lb, The Alamo, 25.4.15
  • Adrian Whitney, 37lb 14oz, The Stink, 25.4.15
  • Danny Armitage, 37lb, The Alamo, 25.04.15
  • Danny Armitage, 36lb, The Alamo, 11.04.15
  • Zigs are the order of the Day!!
  • Lee, 19lb, Co's Point, 25.4.15
  • A early morning view from The Stock pond swim
  • Adrian Whitney, 36lb, The Stink, 25.4.15

Danny Armitage, 77lb, The Alamo, 25.4.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/04/2015

Here we are again at the end of yet another busy week in France.  How time flies and what a week we have had.


After bailiff Steve had a couple of fish late last week on long zigs, surely this had to be the method employed by the anglers this week.  The weather for the week was rather unsettled, we had it all sun, wind, rain and hale – what you would call a typical spring week I suppose.  Water temps this week remained around 13 degrees.


A few familiar faces greeted us at the gate this week - some old friends that I haven’t seen in a while in Dan, Ryan and Andrew. Also this week we had Lee, Julian and Tristan making a total of seven for the week.


After the two fish Steve had at the end of the previous week all the lads decided that zigs would be the way to go on the Saturday night, with various depths of between 18 and 22-feet and a combination of different colours.


It took around an hour for Adrian in The Stink to hook and land the first fish of the week and his first Gigantica carp - this being a stunning looking 37lb 14oz mirror known as The Resident.  It was taken on an 18ft zig with black foam at 25 rod lengths. Shortly afterwards he also landed a scaly mirror weighing 19lb, again on the 18ft zig - not a bad start I must say.


Sunday morning came and it was clear that from Steve’s advice, zigs were definitely a good choice as there were nine bites throughout the night.  Dan in the Alamo had managed five takes but unfortunately lost the first three due to hook pulls, but he did land a 36lb 8oz common and a 31lb mirror. Again, on the zigs at 18ft and 20ft on black foam soaked in Betalin and Black, all fished at 27 rod lengths.


Lee in Co’s also got of the mark with s 32lb 7oz mirror on a 19ft zig fishing around 20 rod lengths out.  Adrian in The Stink had his third fish of the week in the shape of a 36lb mirror.  Ryan in Oblivion also had two takes but unfortunately lost them both due to hook pulls again on black foam but this time soaked in Caramel Goo and at 19 and 20ft depths.


With the action slowing up after breakfast the weather started to change and in came the rain and the winds. Strong north easterly winds bringing with it loads of rain dominated the next two days this was in complete contrast to what we have had over the previous ten days or so.


But Adrian in the Stink had his third fish of the week around 1pm, again on the 18ft zig but this time a much larger fish was his.  This one being Two Time at a massive weight of 61lb and a new PB for Adrian who was over the moon to say the least.  Three fish by Sunday afternoon, the zigs where definitely paying off.    


Come early Monday morning, Dan was in again twice in quick succession for a day he’ll never forget - a real Gigantica moment with a brace of carp weighing a massive 127lb.


The first of the brace was a 50lb mirror going by the name of The Weld - a name that it was given because of a very distinct two tone effect down its left hand side.  Then, if that wasn’t enough the second was The German at a massive weight of 77lb.  This was only its second visit to the bank in over five years.


Again on the zigs and looking amazing and in immaculate condition after the long winter - a hectic morning and one that he’ll never forget.  Well done mate.


Lee in Co’s was also getting in on the action,again on the zigs landing two fish in quick concession with two mirrors weighing 19lb and 22lb.


Monday evening we were greeted with a massive storm that brought with it the strong winds and heavy rain that lasted for around five hours, but that didn’t stop Dan as he was in again at just on dark.  Wth a scaly mirror weighing 32lb he followed this up with another mirror weighing 37lb in the early hours of Tuesday morning, taking him onto six fish for the week so far.


By Tuesday morning it was clear that the change in weather had slowed things down somewhat as the carp became less active as the temperature struggled to reach double figures.  With this Andrew in Big Southerly decided on a move to the vacated Tree Line as unfortunately Julian had to leave Monday evening due to family matters.


Wednesday morning and the move had paid off for Andrew as he was also off the mark with a scaly 26lb mirror fishing at 11.5 rod lengths towards the trees.  It was caught on a IQ D rig and a trimmed down Banoffee wafter over a small handful of chopped Cell boilies.


Thursday arrived and it was clear that the change in weather had pushed the fish down a little as Dan in The Alamo received a take on a 15ft zig,  This time a tiny piece of cork soaked in Betalin and Black and a 28lb 8oz mirror was his prize.


Thursday evening came and the persistent rain eased off somewhat and the winds dropped.  A few fished started showing between Pole Position and Alcatraz so with this Steve’s 22ft zig was away.  Fished from Pole Position at 30 rod lengths again on a small piece of cork but soaked in the new Mangonana Goo, this turned out to be a common weighing 36lb.


After deciding on a move mid-week from Oblivion to The Beach, Ryan got off the mark with a 28lb mirror.  A reward truly justified for his efforts and perseverance after losing a few fish earlier in the week.  Again, on a zig rig fished at 17ft.


Well that’s it for another week - things are definitely on the up. Hopefully a few more of the A-Team will put in an appearance very soon.




Angler Comments

So just a quick one really to pass on my thanks after a blinding trip to Gigantica main lake last week. From the very start of the experience I was more than impressed , From Jon Mann sorting the booking and immediately sending out the clear & concise paperwork , Chatting to Ali and Darrell at the Northern Angling Show about the lake when I was supposed to be working on the darkside @ 'Nash' to being greeted at the gates by Steve & Adam. The trip began in totally the right way with proper introductions, Croissants,  banter & a proper walk & talk around the lake (unlike other French holiday venues I've fished) , The swim draw is fair for all especially when I drew ball '1' and had been watching fish crash out from the Alamo !! The swims all nicely presented , the kit provided in top notch condition and then Tea round in the swim on the 1st night to allow you chance to get settled were all very nice touches which I've not had at other venues. 

The week as you will already know went very well for me with landing 7 fish including the massive 127lb brace of 'The Weld' & 'The German' , The help Steve gave with the brace especially keeping me calm and taking some superb photos and videos etc which need a few strong words editing out before I can post them were second to none. The help and advice the guys offered to all anglers around the lake was again top notch and helped a few of the slightly less experienced anglers massively.  The food , the facilities , the fish , the tackle shop , the staff etc etc were all much higher than my initial expectations from a holiday venue based on previous experiences and for that I take my hat off to your team. Was also nice on Friday evening to have a catch up with a familiar face when Buzz arrived back at the lakes as I've known buzz from his previous position for a few years. 

Anyway I could waffle on for hours about the whole trip & definitely the brace but Ill save that for another time , I have done a full write up and sent it off to Carp talk & Anglers Mail with Pics etc but if you or certainly someone on your media team wants a copy for Korda's or Gigantica's websites with pictures just let me know as I know all to well how much good promotion and marketing are a big part of this kind of business having spent a number of years over on the dark side with 'Nash' as a fieldtester then Consultant until recently backing off in search of a new challenge and initially have now joined Steve @ Mainline for baits which has been a very wise move. 

Anyway thanks again to you and the team for an absolute top class experience which I'm sure will be repeated again in July on the road lake when I go over there to help a couple of younger anglers on their 1st trip to France.  And also I'll be booking 2 more trips on the Main for next year as well (But don't tell the Mrs !!) and if you're ever looking for a daft northerner to join the team in however small a capacity you've certainly got one here :-) 

Many thanks again 

Danny Armitage