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  • Mark, 83lb 10oz, The Alamo, 2.5.15
  • Mark, 53lb, The Alamo, 2.5.15
  • Roger Meir, 45lb 10oz, Co's Point, 2.5.15
  • Roger Meir, 39lb 14oz, Co's Point, 2.5.15
  • Mark, 42lb, The Alamo, 2.5.15
  • The calm after the Storm!
  • A scaly 29.00lb mirror for Andy
  • 20.00lb mirror from Big Girls
  • Zigs still doing the biz!

Mark, 83lb 10oz, The Alamo, 2.5.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/05/2015

After what can only be described as an awesome few days last week seeing The German at a massive 77lb along with Two Time at 61lb and The Weld at 50lb, this week certainly had a lot to live up to.

With eight hopeful anglers arriving at the big G this week and with there being 26 bites last week the optimism was high.  Water temp for the week was 14 degrees and the weather predicted was yet again unsettled.

Saturday afternoon had arrived and what can only be described as a torrential downpour greeted the anglers, which again bought in low-pressure, strong winds and plenty of the wet stuff.

A quiet first night with very little moving.  Andy in The Alamo had a few bleeps on his right hand rod fishing a zig at 12ft at 23RL towards Baxters, but unfortunately due to the nature of zig fishing - long hook links, small hooks and the added disadvantage of not losing the lead he unfortunately lost a good fish close in.

With the continuous rain and strong south-westerly winds it wasn’t then until Tuesday afternoon that there was a break in the weather.  The skies cleared and the sun started to shine, which almost brought an immediate reaction from the carp as they could clearly be seen showing themselves again.

Wednesday morning came and the first fish of the week was landed.  Mark, also in The Alamo landed an immaculate common weighing bang on 30lb on an 18ft zig with black and red foam at 29RL towards The Beach.

This seemed to be a turning point for the week as Roger in Co’s also had a take that morning again on a zig but this time set at 20ft deep. Which turned out to be The Clean Fish at 45lb 10oz a very nice way to get off the mark.

The next bite then came at 10pm.  Mark in The Alamo was in again on his 18ft zig and after a hard battle finally landed his second fish of the week, going by the name of Maker’s Mark at 42lb - only its third ever capture and always on a zig. 

Thursday morning came and the fish could again be seen crashing all over the lake and Roger was into his second fish of the week, which was a true gem.  Not massive by Gigantica standards but a truly awesome looking carp called Equalled at 39lb 14oz.

Andy decided on a move into Oblivion and was rewarded for his efforts with a nice scaly mirror weighing 29lb caught off the right hand margin at 9RL on a Cell wafter fished over a kilo of our new Spicy Active boilies made for us by Mainline.

Just before midnight on Thursday, Nick in Big Girls got off the mark with a scaly 20lb mirror fishing at 6RL towards the single popular tree, caught on a double tiger nut hookbait fished over just a handful of free offerings.

Friday came and what happened could only be described as an afternoon we will never forget when Mark in The Alamo helped himself to a brace of carp with a combined weight of 136lb 10oz.

The first was a 53lb mirror, which has only seen on the bank twice and hasn’t been named as of yet.  It’s a truly awesome carp and one the boss Danny has already set his eyes on and has added to his long list of some of the stunning fish here that he would still like to catch.

The second needs no introduction - at a colossal 83lb 12oz Fudgy’s made her first appearance to the bank of the year, looking in perfect condition after the long winter.  Both fish where caught on 18ft zigs with black foam and a size 10 Mixa hook tied up using N-Gauge mono.  Needless to say, Mark went home a very happy chap.

Fudgy’s captor, Mark Robinson from North Wales said: “I lost a really big fish a few hours before catching the big girl – it just kept going and going for about 20 minutes and my mate jokingly said that I’d lost Fudgy’s".

“Then, only a few hours later and after a good 25 minute fight she pops up and my mate thankfully scoops her straight in to the net. My luck must’ve been in,” added joiner Mark, who is married with two kids and had a French PB of 53lb before his Gigantica trip.

Friday night produced two more fish; one more to Mark in The Alamo a mirror weighing 35lb and the other to Nick in Big Girls, this being another 20lb mirror again on his 6RL spot.

Well that’s it for another week here – it was very slow start to the week but it improved massively towards the end as the weather improved. Seeing Fudgy’s again was truly amazing.

It also makes you wonder how big some of the others are that haven’t been seen for a while. In fact, on Thursday afternoon Single Scale could be seen sunning herself in the snags and looking huge.  How big is The Immaculate?  How big is Sparky?  Lets just hope we can tell you all very soon.