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  • Dave, 65lb, Treeline, 9.5.15
  • Simon, 63lb, Co's Point, 9.5.15
  • Simon, 46lb, Co's Point, 9.5.15
  • Simons Bumblebee zig that proved to be to tempting for The Giggler!
  • Dave, 44lb, Treeline, 9.5.15
  • The Germans continued to battle in till the end!!
  • Dave with a 37.00lb common
  • A warm spring day on the Big G
  • Dave, 42lb, Treeline, 9.5.15
  • The New Spicy Active a sure winner here at Gigantica
  • A scaly mirror from The Tree Line 30#1
  • Dave with  26.6lb mirror
  • Our new bait for the season!
  • Victory smelt sweet as the Germans couldn't handle the pace!!
  • A big thank you to The Tackle box for suppling our nets this season

Dave, 65lb, Treeline, 9.5.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/05/2015

The weather changed this week;  It was very unsettled with overnight temperature at 9 degrees, daytime temperatures of around 20 degrees with a westerly wind blowing for the majority of the week. Water temp was 15 degrees.  

This was a very interesting week here at Gigantica because we have a group of anglers who fished together last year.  They consisted of five Germans, two Welsh lads and three English boys.  So it was going to be the Brits vs the Germans again.  Hopefully won't come down to penalties.


It was Sunday morning when Dave in the Tree Line landed the first carp of the week.  Going by the name of The God Father of Soul at 42lb. Dave was casting over to the hole in the trees on the far margin at 11.5RL. He was using a Banoffee wafter as a hook bait with a size 4 Korda Kurv hook and a braided hooklink.  Soon after, Simon in Co’s Point was in and landed The Face at 46lb on a 18ft zig with black foam and a size 10 Mixa hook tied up using 9lb N-Gauge mono.


Then, in the early hours of Monday morning the Germans got off the mark.  It was Frank in The Alamo who landed a mirror of 22lb. He was casting out in-between Baxters and The Beach at 28RL, baiting up with boilies, hemp and tiger nuts and scattering his bait over a large area.  But unfortunately he didn't take any photos.   


It wasn't until Tuesday evening that Dave in the Tree Line was into another Gigantica carp, this time Roberts Fish at 65lb, what a beauty.  And again this was from the hole in the trees on the far margin at 11.5RL.


Wednesday morning came and Dave in the Tree Line was in again and throughout the day he had three carp, which were Jasons Fish at 32lb 8oz, a common of 37lb and another mirror of 29lb 6oz.  All being caught on Banoffee wafters. He was also using the new Gigantica Spicy Active Boilies from Mainline Baits to feed with - we are the only fishery using this bait this season.


Thursday morning and Dave was into another one, this time it was a 26lb 6oz mirror.  Caught this time from the fallen tree at 21RL on a Mainline Hybrid wafter. Then, after tea, the anglers were greeted with a massive storm, which lasted a couple hours. Just as it stopped Simon in Co’s Point cast his zig out and within 10 minutes he was into one of the Gigantica lumps, which went 63lb and is known as the Giggler for its first time over 60lb.  Again on a zig but this time at 20ft and on a plastic tiger nut, which he coloured in to look like a bumblebee - crafty.


So, at the end of play on Thursday evening the three English lions and the two Welsh dragons have a commanding lead over the Germans.  The German team have one fish at 22lb and the British have eight fish for 341lb 4oz – I don't think there will be extra time and penalties in this one.


Friday morning 3am and Peer (one of the Germans) fishing in Big Southerly was into his first carp of the week - he was graced with Mammut at 38lb on a Banoffee wafter, which was fished along the margin at 14.5RL. Then later in the day it was Dave in the Tree Line in again - he had a mirror of 26lb 1oz and Baby Black eye at 44lb. That was the final fish of the trip and the British lions won hands down.


This week was also the official launch of our very own bait from Mainline, which we have called Chilly Active.  As the name suggests it’s a variation of the original Activ-8, which needs no introduction and without a doubt it will be a massive seller her at Gigantica. 


During the autumn of 2014 the bailiffs where lucky enough to try out this amazing bait and the results where certainly impressive.  Fished in conjunction with the Gigantica wafters, this is sure to be a real winner throughout the season.


And finally a special mention and big thank you must go to The Tackle Box at Dartford, who for this season have very kindly sponsored us with our landing lets for both the Main and the Road Lake.  For a couple of seasons now we have been looking for a net that is lightweight yet strong and robust.  The Tackle Box have certainly come up trumps yet again.


We still have space on the main lake for the weeks commencing 6th, 13th and 20th June; 11th, 18th and 25th July; 1st and 22nd August plus some other dates for smaller bookings.

Call 01268 820440 for more details or you can also go to for further information.