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  • Dave Martin, 38lb, Co's Point, 16.5.15
  • Dave Martin, 38lb 8oz, Co's Point, 16.5.15
  • Dave's successful rig!
  • A veiw from the Stock Pond swim
  • Steve Rocke, 41lb, Pole Position, 16.5.15
  • John Keirle, 46lb, Big Girls, 16.5.15
  • John's Rig that fooled the 46.00lb Mirror
  • Sam with his 36.08lb Mirror from Alamo
  • Sam with a 26.5lb Mirror
  • Sam's Rig

Dave Martin, 38lb, Co's Point, 16.5.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/05/2015

We had Simon Benni’s party of five anglers plus three other lads on The Big “G” this week and I must say what a cracking bunch of lads they are despite the Unsettled weather, strong wind’s coming from the east, with cold night’s.  Temperature were going down to only 3 degrees. Spirits where kept high all week. The group where still determined to catch some fish, and have a good time. 

With the rods only having been out a few hours Saturday evening the first carp goes to David Martin in Co’s Point where he land’s Golden Eye at 38lb on a 20ft zig.  He was Casting 120 yards towards the grass bank on the far margin.  It pay’s to listen to the bailiff on the walk round Saturday afternoon before the draw is done, what a start to the week.

Sunday morning Steve who was in Pole Position had the Bean at 41lb on a 20ft zig with black foam soaked in Squid Supreme Goo. All 3 rod’s were clipped up to 30RL and cast out in-between The Alamo and The Stink on the opposite bank.

Next fish to grace a net at Gigantica was a 26lb 5oz mirror coming out of The Alamo for Sam Fowler where he found a nice hard spot at 15RL inline with the lodge on the far bank.  He used a boat to bait up with 3kg of Gigantica Spicy Active boilies from Mainline Baits and 2kg of tiger nuts.  He was using a combi rig with a Banoffee wafter.  It pays to bait up with a boat sometimes because it’s quick and easy and boat hire is available on site for a small fee.

Then again on Tuesday Sam was into another Gigantica beauty this time it was a 36lb 8oz mirror.  This one came on a 20ft Zig and a small piece of black foam, which was cast out about 120 yards inline with Baxters.

Wednesday morning and Dave in Co’s Point landed Baby Weld at 38lb 8oz, this one come off the bottom where he was casting out to a nice hard spot at 30RL towards the grassy bank.  He was baiting up every day with a boat with 4kg of B5 boilies, a tin of sweet corn and 1 kg of tiger nuts.  The rig that nailed this beauty was a combi rig with a snowman hook bait consisting of a 20mm B5 boilie and a 15mm white pop-up.

Then John Keirle moved on Wednesday afternoon from The Alamo in to Big Girls.  It pays off to move sometimes because he went and had Marcels at 46lb. A single hook bait was cast out 21RL towards the stock pond swim; He had it on a snowman blowback rig with a size 4 Korda Longshank hook with a B5 bottom bait topped with a pink pop-up, which fooled that Gigantica beauty.

For the last 3 days the carp have been crashing in-between The Stink and Big Southerly.  Axel cast his rods right over the spots where the carp were crashing, but he just couldn't get a pick up.  He was trying zigs, bottom baits, Chod’s - different coloured hook baits, but nothing was working.  If they’re not in the mood to feed there’s nothing thats going to tempt these Gigantica carp.

Well That’s yet another week been and gone on The Big G. Where does the time go?

Hope to see you all again soon.

Tight line’s