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  • Alex Furnell, 36lb 8oz, Treeline, 23.5.15
  • Alex Furnell, 38lb, Treeline, 23.5.15
  • The Devil Fish 42lb Tree line 23.5.15
  • Partial Eclipse Tree Line 23.5.15
  • Alex rig and hook bait
  • Paul Clements, 43lb 15oz, Big Southerly, 23.5.15
  • 20#40 Co's   23.5.15
  • Get on the King Crab Supreme Goo
  • Richard Leat, 34lb, The Beach, 23.5.15
  • A Veiw from Co's Point
  • Great Bunch this week !!

Alex Furnell, 36lb 8oz, Treeline, 23.5.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/05/2015

We had ten anglers on Gigantica this week with a group of eight lads who were last here in August 2014 plus two newbies. At 10am they were all sitting outside the gate waiting to get in they were all very excited and could not wait to get going… but unfortunately you can’t get in until 1pm.
What a week for Alex Furnell who picked ball number one in the draw and decided to go into the Tree Line swim. On Monday morning his left hand rod riped off and after the battle with a massive monster he landed Pips at 61lb. He smashed his PB by 20lb, what a start to the week. Mainline Baits 15mm Peaches and Cream balanced wafters fished on a size 4 Korda Krank with 8 inches of 20lb N-Trap soft did the job for Alex.
Over the week Alex was fishing all three rods against the tree line; the first rod was 13 rod lengths towards the first hole, middle rod was 15 rod lengths half way along the Tree line and the 3rd rod was 20.5 rod lengths towards the base of the fallen tree. He was baiting up every day at 2pm with 5kg of mixed baits consisting of 1kg of tiger nuts, 2kg of CC Moore equinox and 2kg of CC Moore live system and he was not casting back out till 6pm.
At 7am on Monday morning the first fish in Alex’s net was Scale Perfect at 38lb and 10 minutes later he had Quasimodo at 36lb 8oz. What a start to the morning.
Tuesday afternoon and Ben in The Stink has a take on his right had rod, which was cast out towards the two green trees on the far bank at 17 rod lengths and he lands a nice 25lb mirror. He was baiting up with 3kg of boilies and a handful of tiger nuts every day. His rig was a simple IQ D rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv B hook and a Gigantica Banoffee wafter.  
During the first part of the week we had northwesterly winds and daytime temperatures were 25 degrees going down to 9 degrees at night. Lake temp was 17 degrees and with the hot and sunny days some of the carp started to spawn out in the middle of the lake. This only lasted a few hours, but it didn't stop Alex in the Tree Line from catching these stunning Gigantica carp.
Wednesday morning and Alex lands The Devil Fish at 42lb and a spunky male of 23lb.  Then Rob Down’dyke in Co’s Point has a take on his left hand rod on a 20ft zig and a piece of black foam soaked in the King Crab Supreme Goo and landed a nice 23lb mirror.
At Tuesday tea time at the lodge and Rob was asking for some advice about what he should do to try and catch a Gigantica carp. He was told to try soaking his foam in the King Crab Supreme Goo - it goes to show that taking the bailiff’s advice is a good plan. Paul in Big Southerly followed these words of wisdom and landed The Snags Linear at 43lb 15oz. Get on the King Crab Supreme Goo.
Big Fish Thursday is upon us and Paul Clements in Big Southerly gets his first take of the week, which came on a 18ft zig on a size 10 Korda Mixa B hook with a piece of black foam which was also soaked in King Crab Supreme Goo. This was cast straight out to about 80 yards but on the take the carp dived straight into the weed so he calls the bailiff to come over in the boat and after a long battle it goes into the net, what a cracker. This turned out to be The Snags Linear at 43lb 15oz and Paul’s new PB (another PB smashed on Gigantica this week) and then Alex in the Tree Line landed a lovely 32lb 10lb mirror.
Richard Leat started the week in The Beach. He was baiting up every day with a few kilos of CC Moore Live System at 25 rod lengths towards The Stink but after three days he decided to move to Big Girls as he’d seen fish showing in there. But after catching a few bream he decided to go back to The Beach because there were carp rolling over his baits that he had put in a few days ago. On Friday morning, it paid off because at midnight he landed a 34lb mirror - well deserved.
Saturday monring at 5am and the carp were spawning again, this time in the corner of the Tree Line swim, and in Baxter’s too. Is that it for spawning, who knows?  With the warm weather coming next week and temperatures up into the high 20s they will probably have another go.
Despite spawning going on this week there has still been a few good fish out - not all carp spawn at the same time and in most cases it lasts for about a week or two. 
It’s amazing to think what the last two months have thrown up; we’ve had Fudges at 83lb 10oz, The German at 77lb, 4 x 60s, 2 x 50s, 14 x 40s and 26 x 30s, and loads of 20s. What will the next few months bring once the spawning is all over and done with?
That’s it for this week with another great bunch of lads and they said they’re booking up on Monday to come back in November. That’s what we like to hear, not being defeated.